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Vauxhall Calibra V6 SE9 Special Eds

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#1 Matt_Si

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  • Drives:97 Escort Si, 1993 Mk5 XR3i 130 Spec

Posted 17 January 2010 - 04:51 PM

My mates Calibra V6 that i'm selling for him as he's out of the country. Awesome car for next to no money!

Posted Image

Price wise, offers upwards of £1500.

#2 Mr. Nick

Mr. Nick
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Posted 17 January 2010 - 04:54 PM


#3 sidrick

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Posted 17 January 2010 - 04:55 PM

Aye, what about ANY information. Mileage, TAX/MOT, condition?

#4 Matt_Si

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  • Location:Hertford
  • Drives:97 Escort Si, 1993 Mk5 XR3i 130 Spec

Posted 17 January 2010 - 04:57 PM

Aye, what about ANY information. Mileage, TAX/MOT, condition?

My bad, sorry lads, what a muppet! Location - Hertford, Hertfordshire, full years MOT, 3 months tax.

Here you go;

Here we have for sale a very rare Vauxhall Calibra SE9 Special Edition. I’m not sure how many of these cars are left on the road but you seldom see a Calibra these days and even more so these SE9s. Featuring a very high spec and the powerful 2.5 v6 24V Ecotech engine, this is a rare, fast, high spec and comfortable but sporty car for very very little money. The car itself is owed by my best mate who just before Christmas moved back home to his native South Africa and unfortunately didn’t have the time to sell the car before he left, so we agreed that I would take the car, get a new MOT and then sell it for him. He’s owned the car for just over a year and in that time, apart from the alternator failing which he had replaced at considerable expense (I have the receipt to prove) it has been totally faultless. It always starts on the first turn of the key, never overheats and runs perfectly. I took the car to be MOT’d on Saturday and it flew through needing absolutely nothing other than the front number plate replacing (you can see in the pictures some of the numbers are very slightly obscured) so I had both replaced, and for a car this age that is testament to how well it’s been looked after by all of the previous owners. It is totally standard and hasn’t been modified or messed about with in any way.

Full details of the car.


As I said above the car features the top of the range v6 24V Ecotech engine which produces somewhere in the order of 170bhp, meaning the car has plenty of power on tap when needed. Not only that but these Vauxhall engines are very tourqey so there’s no need to ring the life out of it when you need to pick up speed, just put your foot down in whatever gear your in and you’re soon moving along ’quite briskly’! I know for a fact that my mate drove the car very carefully and at 30 isn’t some boy racer. The engine has also covered very low mileage for the age at just over 82,000 which for an engine this size is nothing at all, and it shows. As I said above the engine runs perfectly and always starts on the button, even in these arctic like temperatures we have been experiencing of late!


Generally very good. I’ve had a look round the car and can’t find a mark or dent of any significance on it anywhere. Being red it has unfortunately, as you will often find on red cars this age, faded in a few areas, but all it really needs it a good polish and I’m sure it will bring the colour right back up. The only thing that really lets it down is the rear spoiler, which again as you can see in the pictures, the laquer has peeled off it and it would really need rubbing down and respraying in my opinion. The other thing is, the plastic skirts that runs along the bottom of the passenger side is missing but you can easily pick these up from eBay for not very much money at all.


Being the SE9 special edition there is plenty of equipment on the car. Traction control, heated black leather, trip/fuel etc computer, Air Con to name but a few. It also features the standard for this model gold BBS alloys which look great against the red paintwork.


Lots! I have all the original handbooks in the original Vauxhall folder, loads of them, as you can see from the pictures. I’ve never seen a car with so many of the original booklet. Some of the old MOT’s are also present (from 2003 to present), which confirm the low mileage. There are 6 stamps in the service book at the following intervals;

07/04/99 10302 miles

08/2000 200028 miles

25/06/01 29070 miles

21/06/02 39642 miles

28/08/03 49838 miles

19/10/07 70089 miles

Now on 82,000 there’s no doubt that the car would now benefit from a service, although if memory serves my mate did have the oil changed during his ownership, but if it were me buying the car I would still get it serviced. Of course the V5 and current MOT certificate are here too.

And that’s about it. What we have here is one of those rare cars you occasionally find on eBay, a genuine car that has been well looked after. Very quick, lots of standard equipment, very powerful engine, low miles and lots of paperwork. Being a special edition and in good condition you I help but feel that it’s only going to go up in value as long as you look after it. With it flying through the MOT at the weekend it’s clear it’s a sound car.

So, just to summarise;

Good points

Full MOT

3 months tax


High spec

2.5 v6 24V 170bhp Engine

Good bodywork

Loads of paperwork

Bad points

The laquer peeling on the spoiler

The paintwork being faded in places

The lower spoiler missing on the passenger side

Could do with a service

The bad points are all cosmetic and pretty minor, and the service I would just have done as a matter of course personally.

Edited by Matt_Si, 17 January 2010 - 04:58 PM.

#5 shawdreamer

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Posted 17 January 2010 - 05:02 PM

Posted Image
Posted Image
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#6 Matt_Si

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  • Location:Hertford
  • Drives:97 Escort Si, 1993 Mk5 XR3i 130 Spec

Posted 17 January 2010 - 05:09 PM

Posted Image

Ouch!!! :rolleyes:

Oh, for more pics see ebay link in the ebay section.

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