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  2. Hi everyone I'm trying to see if anyone has any info on where to cut the front wing or drill welds etc. ? I've cut the lower part but the rest is a mystery lol I know what I'm like ill more than likely end up cutting the whole front of the car off lol with this being an old subject the post I can find related to the subject are missing photo files i.e. old web links etc any help will be much appreciated the plan is to do a cossie rep but want to do the body 1st then engine mods peace have a good day and week
  3. I wonder if anyone here is still active who will see this post, but you’re right, one day I took the car off the road, bought a relatively new focus and disappeared. My Escort consumed me and by the time I had been through so many issues and spent 1000’s of pounds there became a point when it was finished, around the Ford Fair that year. But I had a bit of an unhealthy relationship with that car and decided to take a break. It was my daily driver and I couldn’t walk to work, I relied on it working, so I got a focus and took it off the road with the intention of perhaps returning to it in less stressful ways, sadly life took a few unexpected turns and I never did. I also felt like at times I came across like I had a chip on my shoulder, constantly trying to prove something and couldn’t handle criticism, take a break from the car was also taking a break from that and receiving warnings and bans from PeeWee lol.
  4. Hello friends, I wanted to know which control unit is compatible for the conversion of an EEC-IV AQUA 60 pins without pats ( pats is external). Thanks.
  5. Hello friends, I have a problem with my Escort gearbox 1.8l 96kw from 1994. I lost all the keys, including the Red master. I ordered 2 new keys but you can't add them. The engine control unit is an EEC-IV with external PATS. I tried to make a change, bypassing the pats. I opened the pats, eliminated the TMS and made a bridge from pin 4 to pin 13. Now with this modification comes the gasoline to the injectors and the current to the candles but the does not start. I realized that from the engine control unit It does not handle well the 5 volts towards the camshaft sensors, towards the crankshaft, towards the water temperature sensor and the throttle valve. In short, the voltage of 5 volts does not come out. I attach the photos of the engine control unit and the pats, hoping that some of you can help me
  6. Hello, Can I plumb my X flow crank case vent into the rocker cover with a vented oil filler cap? Not racing, kept under 7.5k. Thanks
  7. Hello, like it says An engine work stand adapter for mounting to the side engine mount locations. All the cool blokes have them.. in the states, Scott
  8. The government plans to change the law on car modification to make it difficult to do certain things without being penalised. There is a consultation opened which closed on 22 November 2021 at 11:45pm,this has not been publicised for obvious reasons and in some ways can impact tuning packages that change the emissions of the car. Read about it at https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/future-of-transport-regulatory-review-modernising-vehicle-standards To fill in the consultation, the direct link is at https://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/ETVHG5/ Motorsport fears over car modification rule changes Plans to tighten rules on modifying cars are "ringing alarm bells", motorsport enthusiasts have warned. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-59210036 KEEPING TRACK Are car modification rules changing? Drivers risk fines of up to £300 if caught THOUSANDS of Brits enjoy revamping their vehicles and adding the latest mod cons to their cars. https://www.thesun.co.uk/motors/16696467/car-modification-rules-changing-drivers-fines/
  9. 😆 Edited as old rules where dont reply with just a smiley
  10. Here are a couple of cars I've had in past
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