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  1. I add my two pennies worth from time to time & would just add what a gorgeous red estate you had!! You probably sold it years ago, though lol!! I just had a read through your old link! Is it still on the road? I like coming on here as it just deals with escorts and I have two!! I don't do facebook, have a life, but enjoy reading lots of the old threads, appreciate alot of the wit, & love looking at some real beautiful escorts! They are what they are and will never be anything else & people will move on to other motors, but I'm not into show cars, appreciate the site and don't plan on getting rid of my scorts. Cheap to insure, cheap as chips for parts, do most of the work myself. Jobs a good'un. I do appreciate the work Peewee and others do & will never be posting loads, but will make my meagre contibutions from time to time!! Mines a thumbs up for escortevolution Guys! Even if it's not what it used to be!!
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