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  1. sortedford

    Xbox One

    Let me save you the time. Shoulda bought a PS4 Come on Stoo - i wanna know how good Fifa is
  2. Depends what you want it for? Are you going to watch HD films/ HD content? If not save the money and get the v1. I have just bought another 5 of these v1 minis and they are excellent value. - £226 a piece at Amazon
  3. Cheers guys. The joys of being old - spending the day doing DIY around the house
  4. God, you keep changing your motors Looking good bud
  5. Its took a back seat at the mo with house moving like Stoo says. Everything is back from the powder coaters though, and just gotta organise for my friend to come up to put the front wings back on, then it'll speed up again. Gotta be done for next years shows
  6. Pump should always prime for a couple of seconds iirc? although the clicking noise is usually the starter solonoid
  7. 08/09 Megane 175. Tops all of what you want there, spend another k on DPF removal and a remap to make circa 210 with silly torques plus loads or change from 10k
  8. Nice, we used to have a mk5 one in red
  9. Cheers guys, looks like the only way then is to jb it. I did see them Duffa, just didn't want to pay for an old phone
  10. I have been given through work an original iphone as a work backup phone. Does anyone know about unlocking them without jail breaking them? as its on the wrong network. As its a spare, and so old I don't really want to have to pay out any dosh
  11. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4mm-8mm-THREADED...=item35c79d553f
  12. They look great! I see they have recessed bolt point, are you bolting them on or bonding?
  13. A big stick to stop the wife moving it
  14. Common as much these 5 doors now Looks like you're making good progress with it. Keep up the good work
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