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    escort mk7 diesel van

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  1. hi i am after a set of black digital mileage clocks must be out of a diesel as they are not plug and play
  2. as anyone got 2 front calipers please
  3. Hi I am after a starter motor with positive wire to battery for a 1800 endura engine please
  4. ok got the van back tonight and the clutch pedal is high also the gear lever seems to far back i cant trust this mechanic anymore can anyone advise me how to adjust the clutch pedal its a 51 plate van mk6 please?
  5. ok i gave my van to a mechanic to replace the clutch escort mk6 1800 diesel he has now phoned me to say the release bering needs clips to hold the release bearing in place is this true or am i being scammed?
  6. joe3666

    MOT failure

    That looks brilliant mate! Definitely worth saving. ok when you first stated xr3i derr you forgot to mention its escort cosworth lookalike fgs and a nice one at that
  7. anyone? cmon someone must know the answer please??????????????????????
  8. i have the same problem escort 18 n/a diesel fitted white dials no revcounter action but as it is a diesel no coil! any one help please?
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