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  1. Ok All, ive got the ABS escort you know the one that causes issues when you try and upgrade I've just put the Mondeo calipers and carriers and pads on along with the focus st170 discs and they all seem to align up with no issues they don't catch or scrape. I've used the original bolts and no washers, i have gone out and bought m12x40mm bolts with m12 washers but it looks like i don't need them and I've drilled the hub out to 12mm. I read online you can do this upgrade with the ABS model but even if i try and space the caliper out the washers or the carrier hit my ABS ring any ideas from you lovely lot would help me out because im scratching my head wondering if ive messed up or if my car just likes me for a change. heres the pick i took also :S
  2. Morning mate, all paid for let me know when they are sent as I could do with them as soon as possible
  3. I'll have them mate, can we do Paypal.
  4. Ow wicked you had them on a Escort, Ive got a MK6 GTI but it looks like its been lowered god knows how much but if they fitted on yours they should fit on mine. Lastly the tyers have they got any cracks or anything on them or do you think they should be ok to put on and go through the MOT?
  5. Wicked really silly question but did you used to have these on a escort, I really want them I'm just worried about them catching on the arches etc, have you got the dimensions of the complete wheel including the Tyer.
  6. Hi Vacuman, I think it's you I've been talking to on the GTI Facebook group are the discs and Pads New mate?
  7. Yer I know I can get them there I'm just being lazy . I'm worried about buying the alloys as I won't know if they fit untill I put them on, any suggestions to some that will 100% work
  8. Hi all has anyone got the MK3 front mondeo caliper and carriers laying around also the Mk1 mondeo brake hose also any wheels that are 4 stud that would fit these bad boys behind them
  9. Jut thought i would end this post with the answer to my own question . Okay here we go and no one laugh. Here is the list of issues I faced. 1. tapping/knocking noise from the left. 2. Losing water (still do not know if this is a cause). 3. Battery not charging properly. 4. Engine moves like a, well you get the picture. Turns out to be the Aux belt/power belt it has two huge chunks missing that would slide into the pulleys when turned off, i will upload pics tomorrow. I will take the your comments now
  10. Sorry for the late reply all, the car has been sat since this happened and the battery is flat :S. When the noise started she was empty on oil but I did check the oil 2 weeks before hand and she was nicely topped up. When I parked her up she was on the full line of water but I've just gone out there now and she's empty :S this car is getting more and more confusing I'm starting to look towards a water pump leak now and a noisy tappet, I think I'm going to replace the timing belt and water pump, replace the head gasket and work out what tappet has gone and replace it also i have hydraulic tappets
  11. Hi All, I'm back again I'm not having much luck with this escort . I've finally got my insurance down and got the money coming to get the welding done then this happens :'(. I've uploaded the videos bellow so you can hear the noise and what I'm dealing with. Ok, I was at work yesterday pulled up and heard what I'm thinking it my tappet knocking, Engine straight off I checked the oil it was all gone I only checked it last week . Checked my water and its black it looks like oil sitting in the bottom of the water bottle. A thew weeks ago when you start the escort up she will start to rev up then stall and she will only not stall if I rev her up to warmth my self and I just put that down to the idle control valve a common issue I have with my old escorts. Now there's the issue I face so I'm thinking of replacing the tappets, timing belt and head gaskets. Also, a thew weeks back I went off the side of a wall that's all I can describe it as and damaged the exhaust and the rear bumper and it was a massive jolt so that could have caused my current issue. Has anyone else had this issue and can 110% confirm with me it sounds like the head gasket, Also does anyone know if the 1.8 Zetec E 1998 engine is Hydraulic tappets or lifters, the Hayne's manual says both . Thanks for your help all. https://www.dropbox.com/s/33ipi0s0jcd8o6g/File%2015-01-2017%2C%202%2006%2017%20pm.mov?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/2cer0gerx9gbbhz/File%2015-01-2017%2C%202%2007%2050%20pm.mov?dl=0
  12. Wicked mate, I'm down that way normally with the van. Let me get the escort working properly and ill get back to you
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