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  1. Thats a conversation with the wife I bet he didnt enjoy lol
  2. PMSL 10 points to the gentleman who 'helped' him off the train
  3. Not that big then. Im sure you can get that to somehow fit my Escort lol. Actually it looks like the turbo IS the size of my engine
  4. Not your fault fella. I wanted to stay and chat a bit but due to the rain and the fact that it was so late with a long journey ahead I had to shoot. Although McDonalds was a life saver cause I was so hungry and tired. The tea I bought lasted me most of the journey. Go me! lol Thanks again dude
  5. Fearn played a bit of Swedish Mafia + Knife Party. Sounded epic
  6. Slik Johnson


    Ive got to take mine off AGAIN! Just wanna make sure Im right in saying the gearbox needs moving out a little to get the sump off?
  7. TO MEEEE. Thanks alot Jon. Was a really long night. Not only did I leave late, I then was stationary on the M1 for 30 mintues, and on the way back, the juction from M6 to M1 South was closed and the diversion signs were soo shite they sent me back up the M6 towards B'ham, up a slip road, round a roundabout, then BACK DOWN THE FREAKING M6!!!!! I lost 15-20 doing a big fcuking circle. I wanna punch who ever set the diversion signs up. Anyway I did my own thing of head north up the M1 so I can switch to the south bound back to MK. Didnt get home till half 12. woops Anyway I got the exhaust fitted fine yesterday and had the MOT today and all is good. I love the sound of the exhaust. Its perfect. Nice and quite but enough to keep me entertained. The size and shape of the tip is perfect as well Thanks again young sir http://i1129.photobucket.com/albums/m517/slikjohnson/Restoration/Exhaust2012.jpg
  8. Where's the love fellas. To be honest I dont really listen to the late night shows unless Im in the car. All I know is the best thing that ever happened to Radio1 is Chris Moyles. Fearn is ok I dont mind her at all but I think the Live Lounge should be made BIGGER AND BETTER. Id rather listen to Michael Buble or Adele banging out some proper soulful music live than listen to Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, or the worst of them all, N-Dubz. Im sick of 'youth' crap. Its all aload of over produce rubbish to try and make money. When bands or artists are in the Live Lounge you find out what they're really like. Buble sang with Chris Moyles after just for the hell of it. Adele got all worked up cause the songs SHE WROTE ment alot to her. Cee Lo Green done a extra song cause he was having too much fun. Pendulum did a song from a completey different genre (Coldplay) to test them selves. Lady Gaga on the other hand, is moody and forgets the word and gives up. I listen to Radio1 all day everyday in my headphones at work. I get a taste for these things Rant over lol
  9. Thanks for your help guys
  10. OOhhh one of those. Never knew the name of it. Obviously neither do you lol. Ok Ill try get some bit together. I also need to take my sump back off which Im not happy about. I just put the whole engine back in
  11. So basicly your all saying Im not trying hard enough lol. Whats a stilton? I had mole grips on super tight but couldnt grip. Im liking the idea of file, chassil and hammer
  12. No track rod to steering (oppostie end to the track rod end) Ive thought about heating it but first I need to buy a small torch but even then Im a bit worried about the tight space and the brake lines next to it all
  13. Not play in my N/S Track Rod (as well as it being bent, somehow) Ive got a brand new one to go on but I cant get the old one off. Where the end of the Track Rod attatches to the steering shaft, its completely round and I cant get it to shift. Ive had the grips on it but cant get it to budge. I have a feeling I may have to take the whole steering rack off and just replace the whole lot but want your thoughts on it
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