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  1. Love the steering wheel! I take it you've had it re-trimmed?
  2. HAHAHA! I thought that! Was in awe when I saw it!
  3. I can only echo what others have said! These threads are fantastic? Who says too many photos?! I'd say you've got the perfect ballance! In fact, don't be shy! Can never see too many photos on a build like this! Very interesting!!!
  4. Please post up when the thread is split so I can keep my eye on that one, too!
  5. I like that! It looks a good rep and a lot of money has been spent on that, why would anyone let it get to that state? It even has the high rear arches! When I first saw it I thought it was a real one!
  6. VERY much enjoyed viewing this thread! Normally on threads like this, I just look at the pics, but I enjoyed reading every word, too! Can't wait from the next thread you post!!!
  7. Bore us?! We're not even honed! I've just made an awful mess in my pants looking at this, the owner of it must be giddy as owt!!!!
  8. This is an awesome build! LOVE the attention to detail! Will we be seeing this fitted at the end?
  9. Livin' on a prayer! Never thought of that when I wrote that! Classic Bon Jovi! Haha nice! Aye we had a bit of trouble finding a new grinding wheel for it, in the end got one shipped in from the States. They're good solid machines, parts can be a problem but it's worth the hassle for sure. Black and Decker stuff was definitely well made back then! I've just noticed the pics aren't showing, it seems I've exceeded my bandwith for the month, Hopefully this will sort itself out come next month, I obviously take too many pics of each job! Oh yes! As far as I'm aware, B&D used to make some of the best pro tools going, but then Dewalt bought them and turned them into a DIY name so they could lead the market for pro tools!
  10. Not wanting to sound negative, but it's worth noting that if you've changed your shocks these might not fit...
  11. Love this thread so far! Can't wait to see further updates on it! Have I ready right that this will be running 4wd? I've heard people question the strength of the transfer box, do you think it was be a cause for concern?
  12. Interesting way to try and get around for sale rules that some sites have...
  13. I think there's a key hole on the right edge of the lock, looking at the earlier pics...?
  14. I'm the same, hope it doesn't get rat ruined later on... I was just thinking this looks like the start of a rat project! PLEASE don't do it, there's plenty of rubbish heaps about for that, don't ruin a rare good one!
  15. Sorry mate, but you need to learn where to put axle stands! It's doing sod all to support the car, there! What's the plans with it being stripped down? Just a good clean up and rust prevention?
  16. You'll need 15mm spacers for them to fit, making them ET37.5... ideal offset for an escort is ET38.
  17. Thanks man, appreciated! It's the healthiest escort van I've seen in a long time... Cheers luv You're welcome honey bunch!
  18. It's the healthiest escort van I've seen in a long time...
  19. What he said... Never gonna do this, now, but this will be an interesting thread to see come together, and probably one worth archiving in the future!
  20. Awesome work! Give yourself a big pat on the back, you've earned it!
  21. *facepalm* Skirts are not hockey sticks, and spats are not bumper skirts! LOL
  22. If that estate had a big American V8 in it running RWD throught them big back wheels, I'd forgive almost all of that, but it doesn't, it runs a 1.6 zetec! I'd be ashamed to drive that! "People stop and look?" I bet they do! I bet they point and laugh, too!
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