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  1. hi Stu! i replace stock CVH head for ported with big valves and CVH33 camshaft head. block 1.6 CVH for 2.0 zetec with C20XE pistons stock Weber to 45 DCOE carbs stock exhaust to 4-1 with 2.5" free flow system No bad?
  2. For high power with 5-50 oil, 0.05 clearences, upto 7500rpm
  3. Anybody have any info about this? I think add 3.5mm spacer under oil pres spring.
  4. Stainless bottom grill for front bumper - £10 how much posted to Wisbech, Cambridgeshire PE13 2GA?
  5. i need oil tube+dipstick and spacer(shim) from Zetec. LMK. Thank you.
  6. PM please. If possible post to Moscow, Russia. But i have UK address also. Thank you.
  7. What about ship grill to Moscow, Russia?
  8. flint

    morette help.

    On pix inner lenses.
  9. flint

    morette help.

    http://photo.qip.ru/photo/superflint/3851615/xlarge/92155150.jpg http://photo.qip.ru/photo/superflint/3851615/xlarge/92155075.jpg May be it help you. But its part numbers for LHD cars.
  10. flint

    morette help.

    Recheck the size. 146mm=5.75" is right.
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