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  1. Posting a smiley then reporting yourself! Safe to say I chuckled!!
  2. After having countless clowns off ebay not turning up, this eventually got stripped (quite a few folk from here got some parts from it) and the shell was sold, intended to be put back on the road but siding on the use of a hardcore track car. Just wondering where it is now really! http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v18/robmk6/My%20Cars/Black%20Mk6%20GTi%203%20Door/DSC01732.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v18/robmk6/My%20Cars/Black%20Mk6%20GTi%203%20Door/DSC01744.jpg
  3. Well its been 10 years since I joined, only got rid of my last escort this time least year! Loved my old GTi A member from here bought it to turn into a fast road/track car. But times change, people move on, and with the price that escorts can be had for now, they are indeed a throw away car. If I had to have a 'winter car' so as to keep whatever I had off the road, I'd buy another, but ONLY because I know them - no other reason.
  4. Could you expand on this Pete?
  5. Reserve was set just to see 'what it would reach' not neccessarily to sell, either way I think I've a few c***s, sorry I mean, 'lovely lads' from the 'E30Zone' who are taking the Pee with the bids. I have however been offered 2k for it regardless.
  6. This cars now on eBay, Servoce history confirms milage is genuine, so not been round the clock as I'd thought. CLICKY FOR CAR
  7. My cousin is doing this, He's in South Korea teaching on his second year now. 1st year really only covered living costs, second year he seems to be rolling in it!
  8. RobMk6

    Printer Help!

    That'd be great! Nothings been easy since getting this bloody laptop, my last one never had any issues until the HD gave up. I'm home all week afaik Cheers
  9. RobMk6

    Printer Help!

    With this laptop in the past its NEVER been able to print with this printer, it usually makes out that somethings happening, but hours later still nothing.... So uninstalled everything, and just plugged it in, let W7 do everything and I've now ended up with this
  10. RobMk6

    Printer Help!

    can someone please help before laptop, printer, cat, car keys, phone and any other solid object I can find go through the window!! Been getting this error message for about two hours now: http://www.evo-host.co.uk/getimg/30494.jpg Im clearly doing what its telling me.....: http://www.evo-host.co.uk/getimg/30495.jpg Check the box, Click apply, click ok, try and print, same message.... go back to it and its unchecked, check it, click apply, click ok, go back into it again and its uncecked! I'm actually shaking with temper
  11. Anybody else thinks Scott looks like Elijah Wood?
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