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  1. It's just been in my yard for the last 18months, so not many recently! I don't do many miles tbh because I don't commute
  2. Well its been pulled out of storage and has had a good wash down, now getting it back on the road ready for Ford Fair Its been a while, must say I'm quite excited!
  3. The point it isn't able to handle the amount of power and it slips instead
  4. My clutch slips fine but makes a noise doing it, if it had an uprated pressure plate it would become very on/off There isn't much point fitting one unless you have found the limit of a standard clutch plate
  5. The boot is a lockable enclosure for security because the roof is made of fabric, the release cables for the lower part of the seat are inside. The glovebox is also lockable but that is in no way 'secure'!
  6. I think you'd be surprised by the performance from new diesel engines Scotty That is a shame Mike, I think I sent them details in the past and they didn't even respond. If I get a feature done it would most likely be Performance Ford, although I do enjoy Practical Performance Car too I got bored of Fast Ford with their Cosworth YB biased features. Personally I think Sierras are Classic Ford territory now and they should hand these features on to their sister magazine
  7. You're best putting the price you would like for them, so people know, or at least gives a starting point to negotiate It is also in first rule at top
  8. Amazingly I only have the one photo and it wasn't quite finished at this point http://i210.photobucket.com/albums/bb87/Danzetec/IMG_0127.jpg
  9. I've never been able to justify spending the money for snap-on tools, imo its not worth spending three-times the amount on a tool that you can buy twice again if/when they break. It doesn't surprise me in the slightest they are manufacturing in China, and that in itself isn't an issue, but the quality that they manufacture to should of been correctly maintained. I've got halfords tools which are generally adequate and they replace them if broken, Teng stuff is very good, I've got a Beta ratchet which I quite like and I've been impressed with the Makita 18v LXT for battery-power stuff too
  10. Selling the black projector headlights as seen on my car here EBAY LINK http://i210.photobucket.com/albums/bb87/Danzetec/IMG_0092.jpg
  11. 31,000 posts and Lee has finally admitted he's a pleb! Now that escorts are not mainstream, it provides the club a problem. But making the club more open to mk1-4 owners isn't really going to make the club busy again, I'm not even sure how you would go about enticing these prospective members to join a predominantly mk5-6 biased site. The whole point of a club forum is that the members have a common interest.
  12. Reminds me of my 5 door (had the same numberplate letters) Really nice looking car you've got there mate
  13. Always goes a bit quiet this time of year but also the forum is less active these days Mainly down to the reducing number of (proud) escort owners On a side note, I can't tell you how glad I am that Stevemo has finally left *Looks for a smilie to show my joy that this fucktard will not be posting drivel on the forum again, but fails and opts for smilie thumb*
  14. You probably won't want spacers because they will sit out further due to the offset
  15. That was my mates car, he was a guest on our stand at RSOC day at Santa pod about 3 years ago
  16. do you know if thats the right sizes needed for fitting cossie pop outs? Thats the rivnut tool Ive got, works pretty well, iirc they are M6 screws
  17. It would feel different with the MAF unplugged because the ECU will swap to safe mode and make it overfuel They do get crapped up but it would be an idea to get a code reader, wipe the MAF fault code and see if it returns
  18. That will be a Mk6 mate I don't know about the rack / column but the exhaust should be if they are both the same engine
  19. The wheels should lean in towards the engine at the top slightly but if you have bent anything it would be the shock, the uneven tyre wear could also be due to the tracking being out The above would be interchangeable but the springs are for the heavier diesel engine and would raise the front ride height
  20. -Don't browse the forum or search for what you are looking for, just post your query straight up, we are only here to help you
  21. I feared the worst when I saw there was no interest even at a giveaway price Glad its getting back on the road
  22. It spaces the wheels to the arches nicely on mine but I'm only running 195/45 16s I think it spaces 19mm each side iirc
  23. That'd be awesome, I know you would as well! Let me know if you need any custom parts made up
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