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  1. hello guys just brought some st150 brakes and wondering if the st150 flexis will fit the escort or will i need different brake hoses thank you
  2. martinw17

    ford cd600

    as title says after a cd600 for my cd changer thanks
  3. Rs2000 center caps wanted please thank you
  4. martinw17

    cl help

    Hi guys anyone know if u can spot the differance between normal cl motors and dead locking ones as I want some dead locking ones thank you
  5. hi im in need of amparo front foged bumper and rear bumper thank you
  6. anyone fitted a tow bar to a mk 6 thanks guys
  7. Yes mate got all the bits just want to know if u have to drill to fit it thanks
  8. Hi guys Iv got a tow bar and want to fit it to my mk 6 escort 2000 plate and looking for tips know how to wire it up Just want a bit of help thank you
  9. Nice one pal was a Patten part was leaking onto the spark plugs were tte ht leads go I'm hoping it is thanks
  10. thank you will have to have a look and i cleaned a bit off with a blade and will do it all when got a new gasket thank you
  11. Hi guys changed rocker cover gasket a while back and just checked plugs today and on top of the spark plugs were the ht leads go there was oil can anyone please help thanks
  12. thats brillient dummy questeon tho can u tell if a escort got dead locking but looking at the latches as want to go scrap yard and get the bits to convert thank you
  13. thanks guys anyone know more on this thank you
  14. hi guys fitted 6 speed stalks and relay to my finesse 2000 plate but the 6 speed isnt working any ideas thank you guys
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