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  1. maybe the samsung has capabilitys far beyond what the I phone user can see pmsl.... thay are both good, its all down to if you wish to be stuck with the apple store and itunes or have a bit more freedom of choice as to how you put your music on your device.
  2. i have seen metal ones about before when i was looking for one. cant remember where i seen them tho or if they are any good. i dont know why they were not made out of metal in the first place as its a bitch to replace
  3. I would have disagreed with you at 3am today when i was up to my elbows in green poo. pmsl, i'm lucky that it hasn't been that bad yet. i've had the projectile vomit over me. but i'm sure i'm going to get covered in poo very soon lol
  4. she is a grate car with loads of potential, it was just to much for me to take on with my up and coming family commitments. but in all honesty i don't think she could have gone to a better person.
  5. try bump start it first. if that works leave it running for a bit and then try the key
  6. ones slow the others slower lol
  7. im assuming you mean just the light? if so lift up the gator and surrounding cover from the centrer console and inspect the h/brake light switch on the h/brake and also the wire plugged onto it. the light is triggered by the wire being ground so could also be a brake in the sleeving but more than likely the switch just needs a bit of jiggery pokery
  8. think this thread needs closed now lol
  9. im looking into buying dvd headunit and looking at today's market there is a lot out there. there is a lot of cheap ones and a lot of very expensive you can buy. im not looking at spending a fortune on one. just trying to find the one that gives you the best for your buck. i want one that has "7 screen, preferably has gps sat nav, aux video in or a dtv tuner. what are peoples experiences with them? cheap or decent ones and any recommendations
  10. nice to see you getting stuck in and cracking on with it bud
  11. good to see you've got stuck in mate, log book is posted an you should get a letter soon.
  12. sadly the time has come, the new member of my family is due in a weeks time so a 3door isn't really going to be practical for us. i've already picked up a cheep 5dr astra that will do for the rest of the year till i can get something better so i cant really keep it any longer. it's been a cracking car an i've enjoyed owning it but it just wont be any good for my family i brought the car for £1000 a few months back an have spent a bit on it since then so im only asking for what i payed for it (£1000). here's a link to all the details http://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbi...eplica/82985141 http://i703.photobucket.com/albums/ww37/tweenie66/DSC00004-1.jpg http://i703.photobucket.com/albums/ww37/tweenie66/DSC00009.jpg http://i703.photobucket.com/albums/ww37/tweenie66/DSC00003-2.jpg
  13. seen your post ages ago, didnt realise you were after thoes ones lol .i've got five sat free to collector
  14. cheers lads, least i know the possible problems. im kind of want it to be the tracking or just a bushing popped out as it would be the easiest problem to spot. i'll have to get it up when i get a chance this weekend
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