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  1. As above ,anyone know who's it was ??? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1998-FORD-ESCORT-GTI-BLACK-/151909459822?hash=item235e82676e:g:XVkAAOSwv-NWZufh
  2. Would you sell the ashley 4 branch separate mate ???
  3. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/221911535954?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  4. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/221909039891?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  5. Got a gti bumper here with fogs and tow eye cover inc the small rubber strip on the bottom ,quite rare in itself although it in cuirass blue not state blue so will need painting ,£60 if your interested its genuine ford one with good mounting points in watford
  6. Can do all that mate but would not post roof lining ,pm me for info
  7. Yes mate they are Calipers lol ,pm me if your interested,cheers Mark
  8. Got 2 gti ones here NEW !!! £50 the pair
  9. http://www.evo-host.co.uk/getimg/32047.jpghttp://www.evo-host.co.uk/getimg/32048.jpghttp://www.evo-host.co.uk/getimg/32049.jpghttp://www.evo-host.co.uk/getimg/32050.jpgStarting from the top - S 'reg 1.8 GTI 5dr Hatchback Starts Runs and Drives very well Standard GTI apart from - Stainless Steel Exhaust and Ford Radio with CD Changer under seat Good Paintwork Has been Welded before but to a Good Standard ,only rust on body is a small patch on the N/S rear arch Some History 76k 3 keys M.O.T has Expired but I used this before for 1 year and it never let me down !!! NOT PICTURED - Since being parked up some old biddy damaged it ,so the N/S front wing ,Bumper are damaged and the Headlight is broken Wheels in pic are Negotiable or bring your own !!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- T 'reg 1.8 SI 3dr Hatchback Starts Runs and Drives very well Standard SI apart from Stainless Steel Exhaust Good Paintwork No History 66k 2 keys Has been Welded before but to a Good Standard ,only rust on the body is a small patch on the tailgate M.O.T failure due to it needs the N/S rear Chassis Rail Welding Up Wheels on the Car in pic are NLA but I can supply wheels or you can bring your own --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- R 'reg 1.8 GTI 3dr Hatchback Non Runner due to it needs a Sump (missing) was a runner although needed work - Heater matrix bypassed due to a leak not sure if it was the matrix or a pipe and needs a rear gearbox mount ,although I can supply both these parts easily as I was going to repair this and keep for myself Paintwork is OK but not perfect has been painted down the sides before Tailgate is Rusty and could do with replacing Never been welded but may need a little on the front floor (not bad though) ATM this car is fitted with Full RS2000 Trim which inc Rear Headrests in Seat and the Drivers Seat has Electric Height Adjustment Sportex Race Can Exhaust Front and Rear Strutbraces inc the sought after Lower Brace AP Coilover Suspension 6 Speed wipers Footwell lights RS2000 Steering Wheel Wheels in the pic are negotiable or bring your own !!! I will sell this Car complete as is or will strip parts of it if you want see here http://fordclub.co.u...my-new-project/ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- S 'reg 1.8 GTI 3dr Hatchback Starts Runs and Drives (see below) Low Mileage 66k Unfortunately No History 2 keys Paintwork good (shiny) but has had certain panels painted in the past and is not an exact match Needs no welding M.O.T Expired Needs Headgasket This could be a future Show Car as it is 100% original !!! see here http://fordclub.co.u...ow-mileage-gti/ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I also have a Garage full of parts pretty much anything you could think of !!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If your interested in any parts or full or part cars please or more pics of the cars pm me and i will let you have my number ,although I want this all gone I am not going to give it away because as you can imagine I have been doing this a fair amount if time so know what its worth lol although I am always up for a deal !!!
  10. £25 posted I can see this being a lowest bidder war lol
  11. Got a VGC Genuine Ford one here ready to go ,thanks Mark
  12. Just got this in for partshttp://www.evo-host.co.uk/getimg/32021.jpg
  13. I have a 3dr Curiass blue 1.8 si on a T plate ,needs a rear chassis rail welding for the m.o.t but the paintwork is pretty perfect ,only downside for you is I am in Watford ,Hertfordshire
  14. Thanks for the info mate ,so does the Ashley one ,but I don't have air con as I never had it and if I had I would have ripped it out as I would never use it lol
  15. Thats great news matecould you email me pics and could you pm me your contact number please ,thanks Mark
  16. As above I am after a 4-2-1 Manifold for my GTi with or without Decat ,cheers Mark
  17. Does your include the cover mate and how much posted ,cheers
  18. I have radiant red ones £15 posted
  19. You after manual or electric mate ???
  20. I like coming on here as it just deals with escorts and I have two!! I don't do facebook, have a life
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