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  1. Obviously keen on the motor LOL
  2. Sorry mate, not got a plate, but lovely looking gearbox :-)
  3. There are a few guys around who have done this conversion, tho I havn't myself, I used to have a van, which had the conversion done. Guy called Jay, knocking around on facebook, he's red hot on diesel conversions, he's up in Yorkshire, RAM audio, I think. Or have you done it now? If so, how did you wire it, cos I've got a TD, sitting outside, ready to go in my van, but the wiring is putting me off :-)
  4. KEEP IT!! If you like it hang on to it, I hear so many people regretting that they let certain cars go!! Including me :-)
  5. Shame are not a bit nearer, I'm down in Bridwater, Somerset But thanks for letting us know
  6. Nice work Paddy! Whole lot looks great & nice attention to detail :-)
  7. Dyl

    my 2.3 si

    Nice motor mate & spotless :-)
  8. Thanks for the pics, wasn't able to make it, but great to see some of those lovely cars. Thanks alot :-)
  9. Incredible work. Well done! Looks Great & sounds to match..even on tickover! Love to hear it bark
  10. Had mine for 8 years..she's pretty low now..stripped out, leather seats, small wheel, modded lightweight bonnet.wheels.Try & put some piccies up at somepoint, when I take some lol :-) Can't remember if there is a gallery on this site.. but there some pics of vans if you start looking through some old threads
  11. Hey, thanks for getting back to me. Looks like the kind of ones that would suit my van & allow access to jack etc with just flipping forward with a bit of support too when chucking the van round the bends!
  12. Also removed the heavy rear box & had a straight piece of pipe welded on instead... a few more ponies & more weight saved!!
  13. Hi guys, am fixing up my dear old van . Just spent nearly a week welding it up, it was falling apart & I was determined it wasn't going to die. So I borrowed a welder & tau8ght myself how to weld!! So MOT verdict in a week or so!! I am now concentrating currently on Colin Chapmans Philosophy at lotus. "Simplify, then add lightness", he said. It was his philosophy, way before 'minimalism' became fashionable. "Adding power makes you faster on the straights; subtracting weight makes you faster everywhere", was another of Chapman's premises. I have a 1.8 diesel van, already mega heavy due the engine block, but I enjoy tinkering and having had some training understand basic engineering principles. I am currently doing some basic mods, seeing how well I can get a terribly handling van to handle!! I have a donor TD motor which I am contemplating installing, but as has been pointed out many times in the past, ain't no point having power if it don't handle or stop (or similar thought!) So these are the important things first! So just concentrating on handling, stopping, simplifying & of course adding lightness! So any advice on seats, weight saving, etc would be appreciated from you guys out there!! At the moment I have done the following to it: Rear axle flipped so lowered by about 100mm at rear. Still playing with rear suspension set up. I tried adding an additional extra thick spring, from another axle which made it too hard & added a lot of extra weight. So went back to original set up with one spring, but is a little bit soft. Currently doesn't have enough damping either with standard spring set up to match my driving style. So looking for some Gaz adjustables that will fit - any ideas, or some rear coilovers or something? Any ideas? Lightload compensater removed. Added a couple of brake pressure splitters (not sure of proper name) from an estate..seamed to please the MOT man & braided hoses to rear, Works very well now with the massive drums at rear, actually slowing it down at the back. Front lowered with sport shocks & 50mm spax springs. Shocks produce damping effect... tad soft, may go back to van shocks with the spax springs. 15" wolfrace rims, with 195/45 tyres on front, which are better for acceleration. & make it turning - handling more responsive with 195/50s at rear, which make it sit level. Lightweight Bonnet Sound deadening & carpet removed. Foam inlet filter with modified air intake. Fuel Pump maxed out. looking at adding lightweight flywheel, does anyone know how many bolts the 1.8 diesel crank has & if any other flywheels from other motors will fit??? I gather mine has IB5 box, with a 220mm clutch, but have not seen the crank & not sure how to find out. Its not fast, but will out handle. & out perform my sons 1.2 astra...JUST!! I havn't got a huge budget, it's just a little hobby to keep me out of trouble!! So would appreciate any advice, tips etc from others who have done similar!! ANY ADVICE FOR LIGHTWEIGHT SEATS WOULD BE APPRECIATED! I am 6 2/12" with long trunk & shorter arms & legs, probably 18 / 19 stone so need some, bigger, wider seats. Something that tilts would be ideal, but as light as possible too!! Any ideas Guys? ta Dyl.
  14. Nice piece of engineering my friend!! Well thought out..designed for a purpose. Bit of a Wolf in sheeps clothing, hidden away in a humble escort shell!! Nice work, sounds like your the type of Guy, that needs a project on the go, mind that never rests, always thinking, creating, designing, adjusting, tweaking & modifying!! Well thats what mines like anyway!! What are the seats that are in the picture? Are they a fibreglass shell? Any MOT or Insurance issues with them? I have full leather ones in my van & they weigh a ton!! regards Dyl
  15. Dyl

    Body kits

    Try this one mate & try searching on ebay, google. bing etc for Escort mk5/6,7 sideskirts & you will find them, they are still out there for sale FORD ESCORT Mk5 Mk6 MK6 - SIDE SKIRTS "O" - TUNING-GT | eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-ESCORT-Mk5-Mk6-MK6-SIDE-SKIRTS-O-TUNING-GT-/200420969028?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item2eaa054a44
  16. Gorgeous slammed!! Had a mate of mine who had a Mk2, back in '83, if memory treats me right. shoe horned a Boss 302 Ci, with a 3 speed manual box into it. Had the old skool slot alloys, tubbed with 10" at the rear. Painted in black!! Was MAD quick, had to carry around bags of sand in back stop it spinning!! Well try to anyway!! Looking at yours, just reminded me of it. Yours is a "WORK OF ART" too, totally different style to my mates, equally MAD & Unique, LOVE IT. It's gonna turn heads in a Large way, & I can see that as a show winner too!! And your technical know how shines thru too!! Look forward to seeing more pics on an EPIC Build :-)
  17. Dyl

    Brake upgrades.

    Would this fit an Escort Mk6 Van with leaf springs at rear?
  18. How far did you get with selling these Mikey? cheers Dyl
  19. Have you got some more info price etc please? thanks Dyl
  20. Just re the growing up & moving on thing!! I started out with Mark 1 & Two Escorts, Thirty years on, I've got a van and an estate (mk6's), demanding job & all that and have owned loads of other makes & models inbetween. What this site has is a wealth of info that can help young & youngish (in slightly older bodies-like mine lol!) I'm 50, I'm don't have a "Old Fords never die, just keep on getting faster" mentality, & lets face it, they are not the best constructed car on the planet, not particularly fast by modern standards, although the cossies were quick for their time & there are admittedly,some insanely quick tuned up jobbies out there!! But I like them for the fact they are functional, easy to work on, & spares are in abundance!! And to be honest, my two have grown on me over the years. I suppose any motor you work on & take care off grows on you over the years. Anyway, just an older chaps perspective on things for what it's worth!! And there are some beautiful examples on this site still knocking around & I really respect some of the amazing work you guys have done on your esscies here over the years. I modded Zephyrs like you guys modded your Esscies, & I'm still modding my Esscies too!! Anyway enough of my ramblings, to cut it short, nothing to do with age & moving on!
  21. Dyl

    Small 14" leather wheel

    Got one now thanks Guys
  22. Dyl

    my 2.3 si

    That's one gorgeous looking Escort my friend!!
  23. Sad to hear of another death in the family!! But hopefully you're be contributing to keeping my two on the road, even though the estate is off-road for some major TLC at the moment, the van is still used daily for work & going strong!! Dyl PS emailed re springs!
  24. Did I read the topic correctly or did it say "Because Pants People leave this Club/Website"? Or was it "Because of pants people leave this Club/Website"? or was it "People leave their Pants on this Club/website"? better go for me reading glasses!! Or did anyone else read it differently? Or is this a new topic?
  25. I add my two pennies worth from time to time & would just add what a gorgeous red estate you had!! You probably sold it years ago, though lol!! I just had a read through your old link! Is it still on the road? I like coming on here as it just deals with escorts and I have two!! I don't do facebook, have a life, but enjoy reading lots of the old threads, appreciate alot of the wit, & love looking at some real beautiful escorts! They are what they are and will never be anything else & people will move on to other motors, but I'm not into show cars, appreciate the site and don't plan on getting rid of my scorts. Cheap to insure, cheap as chips for parts, do most of the work myself. Jobs a good'un. I do appreciate the work Peewee and others do & will never be posting loads, but will make my meagre contibutions from time to time!! Mines a thumbs up for escortevolution Guys! Even if it's not what it used to be!!
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