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  1. merry christmas to the few people that are still here!
  2. well if nothing else its very pretty
  3. this post is over 10 years old mate....
  4. bet that cost a few quid
  5. scottybo

    Door Cards

    Scrappers or facebook groups mate
  6. well thats certainly shaping up i didnt think there were any evotech bumpers left!
  7. will always be the best escort this one......ever!
  8. mine used to look like that. thats a bloody tidy escort though!
  9. very impressed my friend
  10. No one has commented on this thread for nearly 9 years im agraid pal
  11. Well it certainly all looks the part at least
  12. still interested to see if that manifold yields any gains
  13. Not three bad my son Id join you out there in the states if it wasnt for my little man
  14. thats so 1998 lol i love it
  15. thats the way theyre all going im afraid
  16. sounds more like a tensioner to me to be honest whats the oil like? hows the low down power when driving? the high revving could be an air leak, the mk3 we have dropped a zetec in revs up high at idle currently, but we have found the air leak and will be sorting it shortly
  17. yes they will fit fine, if you come and collect, you can take the wheels and the calipers for 80 quid we will also have a few other zetec bits for sale soon once the 1800 is out of mine
  18. I saw it on the stand. Spoke to dale briefly. He didnt know where youd gone
  19. I had 265s on my e90. But that was on a 19 inch csl
  20. Tell me its not staying on those wheels tho lol
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