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  1. nah, not really into cruising
  2. Me neither Bloody hell you have missed out on some of THE greatest films of all time!!!! IMO Al Pacino is one of the most fantastic actors ever watch any one of the following films to see why Dog Day afternoon The Godfather I,II,III Heat Scarface The devils advocate in fact any film he has been in!!!
  3. full time student at wrexham uni doing motorsport design and managment ( bsc) evenings i work for halfords, on weekends i am race mechanic for uni formula ford team and am part of the service crew for a local rally team
  4. Thank you everyone, I feel old, I will never be a teenager again
  5. its probably the lambda sensor, if it is not sending the correct signal it could cause the engine to run too rich or too lean, if its not the lambda sensor then it could be possible the superchip is not set up correctly for your car, so the fuel or ignition control could be wrong, causing the same kind of problem
  6. ...Hello stranger!! How are you? Al. I'm alright mate, still floating around, hows things in swindon?
  7. I work in halfords part time, and i have to say that it does depend on the specific store as to how competant the staff are, some people that work for them will be very 'in the know' and very willing to help, othres will have no job satisfaction so will be un-willing to be helpful. when you go in to see the manager be freindly, courtious and keep your cool, if you go in arms wavine shouting your mouth off then the manager will more than likely think you are a cock and not want to try and resolve the situation. The only thing i would say to you is that i am 100% sure that one of the seat manufacturers that ripspeed deal with DO NOT supply and universal subfames, be that for the seat or the car. only problem is that i cant remember which one is which1 get them to phone corbeau with you present so that they can confirm that the do actually make what you are after, it is quite possible that the person who served you was not confident with what he was doing and just blagged you. If you are unable to solve the problem with them and they wont phone corbeau with you there give me a shout and i will call them from work for you and check out the availibility with them Rob
  8. -hi my name is plenty, plenty o-toole -named after your father perhaps? -james bond
  9. voodoo child - hendrix freebird - lynyrd skynyrd (sp)
  10. lovely car that!! You lucky, lucky bugger!!!
  11. The Godfather 1,2 & 3 - I can just watch any of these over and over and never tire of them any martin scorsese directed film The Devils Advocate The Rock Resovior Dogs Tombstone Ronin Lock Stock and Snatch one of my alltime favorites Dog Day Afternoon - a very early Al pacino film which if you havnt seen you should go out of your way to see, its supurb Star Wars Back to the Future A few good men there are too many more to name.........
  12. Fantastic car, my mates dad has a 3.0 v6, its stunning and goes like hell! (got a six speed box aswell) Get one, you will love it!
  13. an original gt40 shelby mustang gt500 datapost series 1 rst touring car
  14. congratulations mate, now hurry up and get the manta finished
  15. Agree with that, i drove a 1.8D escort,it was slower than my 1.3 escort that i had at the time! and that was really slow.......
  16. Exhaust Gas Recirculation valves reduce the peak cylinder temperature and therfore reduce emmissions of nitrous oxides. It can also aid fuel comsumption and stop pre-ignition detonation
  17. seriously? That would drive me mad
  18. If you think that you will still have the car (and wheels) in four years then go for it, it would be stupid to be paying 330 a month for somthing you dont even own any more in three years time
  19. do you realisticly (sp) see yourself driving the same car, with the same set of wheels in 2008?
  20. I'm talking about the escort being developed for rallying
  21. Not in the same way tho, rs500 was a homologation special, escort cos was built because the saph couldnt cut it against the toyotas in rallying (as far as i am aware)
  22. Both the escort and the RS500 cosworth are in a different league to and mr2, as both are motorsport homologation specials But the saph and regular 3dr aint, at the end of the day they are just spruced up ford seirras. The toyota is a proper 2 set mid engined sports car. i voted RS500
  23. my girlfriend has been, its wicked aparantly
  24. Start by checking your air filter, if that is coverered in crap then you will not draw enough air into the mixture so will run rich
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