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    rs cabriolet/ 75 van

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  1. Got about 20 sets here pal, I'm more of a hoarder then a seller
  2. It is being broken by myself, I however didn't buy it first off, I got it off some one else who bought it for the engine, and the hoses etc. Very sad, but not all wasted . The interior is living on In my daily gti estate , as well as most of the flocked goodies . She actually was hiding some rot, passenger rear floor looks like a jack has slipped and split it, actually came on here to look for the post to see what the shocks where I know there BILSTEIN but don't know if there standard spec or upgrades .
  3. very interested pal, what loom did you use for the heat?
  4. prices complete? prices complete? prices complete?
  5. hench

    heater matrix

    hi mate have loads here
  6. ive got pedal boxs and radient red handles
  7. got a set not white though mate £12 posted
  8. the above pepper red is back in my possesion, will be for sale next week, as it needs a few patches welding on it, willl have a years mot
  9. i wouldnt say that the mk5-mk6 escort market has died down, the facebok pages are always busy. there must be something we can do to get evo back to the good old days
  10. rear bumper? rear bumper?
  11. few radient red bits what are you after?
  12. sold sorry, but have a silver on
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