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  1. On impulse this weekend just gone i bought some escort cossy's just if i fancy a change from the rs7's So into storage they go
  2. yes i had the interior out of an rs2000 which is a 3 door in my 5 door gti all bolts straight in
  3. Wanted the sandwich plate that fits between the gearbox and engine for my frint starter ib5 to fit to my silvertop zetec gearbox as shown
  4. whats a decent offer? dont really have anything to go on tell me what youd be happy with
  5. Id be getting them powdercoated anyway let me know what your after
  6. Very interested in the fuel rail cover won these battery tray covers on ebay around a month ago guy threw the abs shape res covers in with them Just finished tracking down all the new brake bits i needed servo turned up yesterday using the standard manifold and a decatted downpipe should be miles clear not using the 4 branch i got
  7. Gearbox is now dont just to find a dust plate and starter for it
  8. Can anyone point me in the direction of any info regarding the gearing ratios on ib5 boxes iv gotten my hands on a front starter ib5 off of an escort Acapulco 1.4 cvh wanting to know if this is fine to use as is or if to swap the bell housing on to the original box off my gti
  9. not a massive update but engine wiring is near done been modifying the standard looms to tuck them out of sight for aesthetic reasons
  10. definitely my favorite 3 door out there without a shadow of a doubt
  11. yeah looks like the original gelcoat to me, looks like someone started working on it and then just gave up, at £70 i couldnt say no
  12. Been on the lookout for one for a few years, dropped on this one for a bloody good price lol
  13. Aux belt fitted after 3-4 attempts of remembering how it went just to get the looms back on and it's finished and time to move on to cleaning and painting the gearbox http://i1228.photobucket.com/albums/ee454/Superdream84/escort/EACABB23-73C0-4086-9CB2-1B45B53AC08B_zpshisx4jgw.jpg http://i1228.photobucket.com/albums/ee454/Superdream84/escort/BF0F36FB-5577-42DA-829A-EC19181EC157_zps6strirvg.jpg http://i1228.photobucket.com/albums/ee454/Superdream84/escort/1AEE4D92-72E1-459C-98A6-ADD551640548_zps24a3jift.jpg http://i1228.photobucket.com/albums/ee454/Superdream84/escort/52DCB5DC-2EBC-4CA3-B797-7B9633D99DB6_zpsfjvfm6f8.jpg
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