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  1. bus / skateboard imagine the size of the skateboard!
  2. thats seems very good for the money .. one question tho if hes only young .. how did he get all his tools etc to your house?
  3. i thought that the meet was this weekend.... sorry guys!
  4. i would as long as i am in country .. would be nice to have a comparison to Ric woods .. I assume my mate adam would come to
  5. aye why not ... but can someone txt me day before to remind me pleasE!
  6. i cant belive how far this has come along. to think mike, the first time i meet ya was the night before FITP and i had to pay for your hotel room lol
  7. well i have been to other shows and ford fair is by far the biggest one, i have had alot of changes over the past 12 months so i havent been on here as much. i got a ticket at the last minute and showed with a group but it was parked in a corner and no one spotted it! ... I think alot of people saw my car and noticed me straight away as my cat heatshield broke on the entrance to FF and was scraping until i could stop and let it cool down and rip it off! Next time i think if i am allowed i will show with you guys instead ... whether it be st170, saph or summat else!
  8. i remember muzz building this a few years ago but odviously just as the 2Litre not the turbo. What powers it running now and like your plans to but i would have sticked with the standard bumper with a laguna splitter so its a proper sleeper!
  9. very nice mate ... my brothers just got an 02 model sti prodrive thats 280bhp from graham walker in chester ... lovely car and it loves petrol way too much lol black wheels are the way forward!
  10. i think the bumper would actually suit yours mark
  11. nice car ... my mates just got one and he loves it but hes doesnt want to drive it in winter though ... hes well scared hes gonna die lol ... the one he's got has been tuned by nismo and the back wants to drift in most gears!
  12. but tom surely whoever this person is, wont they read this and then tell her? Hope it gets solved though ... i hate people who do that
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