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  1. Sorry, haven't fitted yet, gonna do some modding to the grill first and then get painted, so it shouldn't matter to mine as gonna paint over orig badge. Have just offered them up and your right, the front does look a little big - thats a shitter!! cheers for the offer dude. Still haven't got roun to painting the skirts and spats yet. gonna save and get bodyshop to paint with propper hard core paint but they want £300 for all the little bits I want doing - skirts, spats, boot trim, front grill and 2 wing mirrors. I know thats a bit ouch but I've seen their work before and it's the muts nuts - def worth saving for. Just got over xmas, anniversary, valentines day and kids birthday, gonna start saving like mad now to get it done. Still no pads and discs yet for the brakes - same as above dude. depressing I know but I'll get there and if I need some help, I'll give you a shout
  2. question for the guys here: Yahoo news is going on about the discrepansies in punishments for rugby players - brought about after Healy's stamping episode where he was banned for 3 weeks. Now an incident that happened in an international game, I don't think, should affect a league side. My opinion is, is that if the incident occurs for the national team, he should be banned for 2 or 3 international games and if it happens within the league setting, he shouls be banned from league games only for the duration. Why should an incident that happens whilst playing for one team, affect another? I don't know if this happens in football, but I've never heard of a footballer who's received a ?match ban for england, not then be able to play for his league side! Yahoo news clicky
  3. u saying that a mate of mine got his insurance renewal through for his 1993 1.7td astra, and it was cheaper for him to insure a 2.5 cougar! so i order to save money he bought his mums cougar........ My Mates Mum was a Cougar yup, i can vouch for that! Pics or it didn't happen It's all over youtube dude - mistitled as 'tulisa'
  4. unlucky anychance of the other alram fob and that red key nope why not il get police involed then Is this heavyrightfoot ripping people off again?? for every person he seems to sort out he rips off 4! Cars looking good mate - good to see it on all 4 wheels looking tidy
  5. right - just been doing loads of parts hunting recently - found another boot carpet and turret carpet, both for a tenner, as I have a small rust spot at the rear wiper, which has been letting in water and made my carpets go a bit manky! when the weathers better, gonna sort the rust out (pics will be posted) and then I'll be able to put in fresh clean carpets . Due to poor laquer (simonez) the front grill I did went a bit cracked - see pics above. Got myself a new grill and some new mesh, gonna take the black plastic out of the holes to open the up a bit and redo using 2K paint and laquer. when the weathers warmer this time! been taking some advice of a good friend who's a painter. He know I get a good finish but just giving me some advise with workin with 2k paints. From the good people at DMB Graphics I also have found the holey grail: http://i1339.photobucket.com/albums/o720/rockerrob666/Project%20Satan/IMG00449-20130227-1253_zps3fade3a6.jpg Black with red ford logo All those that have sat down to scrape the blue out of the back of the badge, no longer, easy apply 3M backed decals bubble stickers which fit directly onto the badge. (these guys do have parts listedon ebay but if you go to their website, they have loads directly for the Mk6 Escort. As soon as the 2k primer and laquer turns up, I'll be cracking on with everything.
  6. u saying that a mate of mine got his insurance renewal through for his 1993 1.7td astra, and it was cheaper for him to insure a 2.5 cougar! so i order to save money he bought his mums cougar........ My Mates Mum was a Cougar yup, i can vouch for that!
  7. if you find one on ebay in england, I'm sure I can do a deal to buy it and relay it out to you. offers there if you want it.
  8. nice clean up on the block keep it coming.
  9. tis a nice motor mate. Nice grab
  10. car is looking fcuking amazing mate. scorted (wwell getting there nicely) Barsteward pikies, prob been weighed in by now or holding up some caravan
  11. And rather unnecessary! necesary? is it necesary for me to drink my own urine? no but its sterile and i like the taste soz cnt resist a dodgeball quote when someone says necesary love it! haha nnnnoooooooo boot is a tiny as my sphincter!! why have a Fixed It Again Today FIAT???????? love the disco remark but the dash lights would be broken!! haha
  12. http://i1339.photobucket.com/albums/o720/rockerrob666/T2eC16VcE9s4PtnFlBRLfERt7O60_12_zps7f3755fe.jpg bloke has a pepper red gti he's breaking, most parts still available although I've just taken a few bits off him. Anyone with a pepper red escort (scotty - thinking of you) may be interested to see what he's got. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/mk6-ford-escort-...=item3ccf596625
  13. yeah!!! england wooped france!! goes to show who was the strongest side, that we where forcing them to make mistakes and capitalised greatly on just sloppy rucking by france for a one eared bloke to score a try!!!! italy next then wales then tripple crown and grand slam!!! Englan are showing how great a force they can be, lovin it!
  14. agree with you there mark, thats exactly what I say when it comes to cleaning mine, if I did a half arsed job it would drive me up the wall! do it properly and dont stop until you're completely satisfied with it! I'll agree with that.
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