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  1. Sounds really interesting that, do you have any pics of the car?
  2. Yeah, you're right, it's not the largest intercooler out there but is very deep, we didn't want to have a huge intercooler that we'd struggle to fit in if you know what I mean. Another one of Ollys purchases arrived, A Setrab Oil Cooler - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01794.JPG And also a Mocal Fitting Kit - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01795.JPG Oil cooler fits nicely above the intercooler, here it is laid into place, some alterations are needed but you get the rough idea - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01796.JPG http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01797.JPG http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01798.JPG http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01799.JPG With the basic rough layout of everything decided it was time to bracket up the intercooler properly, suitable section of flat bar cut - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01800.JPG And bent into shape - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01801.JPG Holes drilled to suit - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01802.JPG Painted - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01803.JPG And fitted - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01804.JPG http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01805.JPG Intercooler lower pipe also bolted up to the bottom of the intercooler - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01806.JPG http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01807.JPG Pipes fitted to the Oil Cooler ready for a trial fitting - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01808.JPG Cooler won't sit properly due to fouling on intercooler brackets - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01809.JPG http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01810.JPG Mocal Kit includes these flat bars to be used for bracketing the cooler up - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01811.JPG Top of cooler notched out to clear intercooler bracket - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01812.JPG Mocal Mounting brackets cut and folded into shape - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01813.JPG Brackets bolted up to the Cooler - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01814.JPG http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01815.JPG Brackets bolted to the crossmember - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01816.JPG http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01817.JPG Cooler Pipes are close to the Fan but the do have clearance and both are in fixed positions - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01818.JPG Power Steering Cooler Pipes bolted up to the bottom off the Oil Cooler which allows them to it in front of the intercooler - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01819.JPG http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01820.JPG
  3. As said, some pictures would be good, also, if you can give me the reg number or vin number I can check it's build number in the production list.
  4. Next up was our intercooler and Pipework, this lot all came with the Engine Olly originally bought and although I had trial fitted it to the engine when it was on the stand I had never been able to trial fit it on the car until now - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01776.JPG At this stage I only have the intercooler cable tied to hold it up and the hoses are just pushed into place rather than clipped. All I wanted to see was that it would be able to fit in the way we wanted it to before I tidied all of the pipework up - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01777.JPG I'm pretty happy with it in as much as it means I don't have to start making up pipework and trying to get it all to line up from scratch. Using what we have here with some alterations to the power steering cooling pipe mounting position should work a treat and still leave us with room for an oil cooler and Cooling Fan - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01778.JPG http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01779.JPG http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01780.JPG http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01781.JPG http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01782.JPG http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01783.JPG http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01784.JPG http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01785.JPG Olly had sent up these lovely slimline Kenlowe Fans and we ambitiously hoped to fit them both side by side in front of the radiator - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01786.JPG http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01787.JPG These 2 plastic lugs on the end of the radiator lended themselves perfectly for mounting one end of the first fan - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01788.JPG http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01789.JPG With the 2nd fan alongside it we managed to fit it in within the core of the radiator without overlapping past the end of it - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01790.JPG These are fitted using the supplied cable tie style ratchet fittings through the radiator core - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01791.JPG Time to take a step back and see how they look - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01792.JPG http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01793.JPG
  5. Hi Shane, sorry, I just noticed your message, that sounds like a pretty major project! I'll drop you an email and see if you're still going ahead with it....cheers! Thanks for following the project, much appreciated! I think the standard clutch is still good for something mildly tuned (lets say to around 180bhp) but for something turbo'd I'd say that the clutch we fitted to this from CG motorsport is a good bet, it isn't too heavy for driving in traffic, etc and will be good for a much higher power output than standard. Time for a long overdue update - Just a small update on this, I had some time to tie up some of the loose ends in the engine bay, starting with the throttle cable. The original one on the car was frayed at the end - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01747.JPG Not only that but I found when I tried to fit it to the Cosworth Throttle Body it was right at the end of it's adjustment which was odd as I'd made the bracket so it was in the middle of it's adjustment. However, when I compared the car's cable to another RS one I had in stock I found it was around 20mm shorter - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01748.JPG So, the replacement cable was fitted - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01749.JPG Alternator connected up - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01750.JPG Starter Motor connected up - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01751.JPG Alternator end cover/heat shield cleaned ready for refitting - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01752.JPG And fitted - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01753.JPG Power Steering Pipes Connected at the rack end - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01754.JPG And the Cooler Pipes connected and refitted at the front - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01755.JPG With another Gearbox Mount here I was able to crack on and get some more bits fitted, Gearbox mount as delivered - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01756.JPG It was in good working order but cosmetically it was just what you'd expect it to be, luckily we had some powder coated parts in stock to help change that - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01757.JPG "New" Mounting removed from it's bracket - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01758.JPG Primed - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01759.JPG and Painted in Satin Black - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01760.JPG Old Mounting with broken stud removed from the car - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01761.JPG And new mounting all built up ready to fit - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01762.JPG Mounting fitted - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01763.JPG Heater Matrix Hoses fitted - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01764.JPG Gear Linkage fitted - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01765.JPG Propshaft fitted - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01766.JPG Another present from Olly arrived in the Post - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01767.JPG A nice new Radiator - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01768.JPG Fitted to the car, all the hoses lined up so my pipework alterations for a coolant feed to the turbo seem to have worked - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01769.JPG Plenty of clearance between the Turbo and the Radiator - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01770.JPG http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01771.JPG Header Tank as removed - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01772.JPG Cleaned up - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01773.JPG and fitted - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01774.JPG http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01775.JPG
  6. Looking really good, it'll be great to see this all back together.
  7. Thanks for your kind words Henric, I'm glad you liked it! It was quite some time ago that I did it so I can't remember the exact time I took but I think there would be around 40 hours in it off the top of my head. The crossflow is a nice engine to work on but boring it and converting it to unleaded added extra time to it.
  8. Ah, I know what you mean now. Those are the outer races of the bearing, they come as part of a bearing kit and are supposed to be fitted but you're right, I've heard of some places just fitting the inner races and running them on the old worn outer races.....not good practice!
  9. "Bearing Guide"? I'm not sure what you mean by that but I'm guessing you might mean the stub axle? It might be that the stub axle is worn, you'd have to get the garage to check when they have the bearing off and replace it if need be. Other than that, there's not many reasons why a bearing should fail so often really.
  10. Location? Do you have any photos please?
  11. Cheers! It's been a long wait eh?! It wouldn't be the first time I'd worked late into the night, next instalment below for you! I'll definitely get one uploaded once it's running, cheers! Thanks! I think my wife and kids might object to me moving away! Any advice you need at all along the way though just drop me a PM and I'll be happy to help, cheers! One last thing to be fitted before the engine goes in, a new fuel filter - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01732.JPG The bolt for the clamp broke but I'll fit another one when I'm working on the car another day - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01733.JPG Front end of the car up in the air - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01734.JPG Engine and box slid under the crossmember - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01735.JPG Normally I would lower the car body back down a bit but I had plenty of height to work with on the engine crane so I lifted the engine up to meet the body and got it onto it's mounts - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01736.JPG In typical fashion, the stud on the rear gearbox mount sheared off before the nut was tight so I'll have to swap that over with another one but that's not too bad to do thankfully. It's great to see this finally making it into the engine bay - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01737.JPG http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01738.JPG http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01739.JPG http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01740.JPG http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01741.JPG http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01742.JPG http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01743.JPG http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01744.JPG With a little bit of time to spare I finished off the retaping of the loom inside the car - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01745.JPG http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01746.JPG
  12. Ha ha! I actually painted it but chipped it when I fitted the belt.....I hope nobody notices when it's in the engine bay!! Almost! new Webcon Fuel Pressure regulator to be fitted - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01706.JPG http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01707.JPG Before I fitted the engine I wanted to get the fuel pipes sorted out and fitted to the engine first rather than trying to do it once it was in the bay. Although we are using a non-standard fuel rail I wanted to be able to use the standard fittings on the car itself so it was a "plug and play" job once the engine was in. Looking at the fuel pipes on the original engine I can see what I need to replicate - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01708.JPG New Length of fuel Pipe for the job - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01709.JPG I need this end from the standard pipe - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01710.JPG So I cut the rubber pipe off so I can re-use the end - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01711.JPG Same goes for the other pipe end - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01712.JPG Feed Pipe fitted to the Fuel Rail - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01713.JPG Return Pipe fitted to the regulator and fed back under the plenum - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01714.JPG And original pipe ends fitted to the new pipes - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01715.JPG http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01716.JPG Plastic Sleeves fitted over the pipe with a clamp to hold the sleeves in place and prevent them from rubbing through - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01717.JPG Next up I needed to think about the engine wiring and sensors fitted to it. The original Coil Pack/Injector loom will be revamped and fitted along with the ECU - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01718.JPG Emerald supplied us with a new Air Temp Sensor to be fitted to the plenum. I knew it was a much smaller thread than standard but didn't worry about it as our plenum had already been fitted with an insert for a different sensor anyway. Here's how the sensors compared, Emerald one on the top left, Original turbo engine one on the top right, standard one from the original engine still in the Plenum - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01719.JPG Trouble was, our adaptor insert in the Plenum was a different thread to the Emerald sensor and there was no way it was budging to remove it and fit another one - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01720.JPG However, after measuring resistances over different temperatures on both sensors I found that the one originally in our turbo engine still worked within the same range as the emerald one so I refitted it to avoid any further Plenum Dramas. Emerald also supplied a Coolant Temp Sensor - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01721.JPG This replaces the original one as shown below and left us with the same problem of having to make an adaptor, etc to suit - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01722.JPG Luckily though, our Turbo engine had also originally had a different temp sensor fitted too and we still had the thermostat housing from it with the adaptor already fitted - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01723.JPG So I decided to use that housing and swap over all the sensors and thermostat over. Housing removed - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01724.JPG Sensors swapped over - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01725.JPG And re-fitted - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01726.JPG Now it was time to let the engine see some daylight before it was fitted - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01727.JPG http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01728.JPG http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01729.JPG http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01730.JPG Because I was working outside I slid a sheet of board under the car to make it easier to slide the engine under the front of the car - http://blackengineering.co.uk/images/Doctor-Evil-RS2000-Turbo-Engine-Rebuild/01731.JPG
  13. I'm sure it will have an alarm, I think even the most basic of models had them. The siren for the alarm is inside the passenger side rear quarter behind the carpet trim near the strut top......have a look and see if you can find it?
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