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  1. I'm trying to get hold of the moderators, to try and bring evo back. What do you think
  2. Hi can anyone find out if this car is still alive F893FUJ It might be on a private plate now I know it hasnt got mot or tax and was a very long time ago it was last on the road. But is there any way off finding the last garage it was mot at. Also if it has been 100% scraped. Please help Any info is great. I know it's not an escort but really wanting this car back. Hpi don't say it's been scraped.
  3. Baily one mate from a escort cosworth
  4. Hi mate I lost your number. What are you wanting for it. I'll have to bring a van for the engine. Also has it got the ecu
  5. http://i1365.photobucket.com/albums/r759/dalecollis16/Attachment_zpskzjqaagw.jpg
  6. http://i1365.photobucket.com/albums/r759/dalecollis16/20151017_143555_zpsoozjyv1i.jpg http://i1365.photobucket.com/albums/r759/dalecollis16/FB_IMG_1438871246717_zpshie5c5wo.jpg
  7. Got to keep the faith people. One day they will get the way you want them. Mine is all but done exept the engine.
  8. Has gone abit quiet. Iv gone and done some enhancements. I'll get some pictures done when it's back together.
  9. Looking about 500 as is. To do a cossy rep looking at spending around 3k for the outside work. Keep it as it is
  10. I'm going. On the fordclub. Last two years went with EVO but don't think this club is going
  11. Is the grill still available?
  12. Well its strange there don't seem to be any moderators on any more. I would of thought the post would of moved by now. Well I'm wanting to know because of this very reason, I'm thinking about going with another club because I don't want to leave it to the last minute to book. As for other shows nothing ever get put up. I think something needs to happen with the Facebook page. Iv contacted EVO through Facebook few weeks ago and no reply. WHAT IS GOING ON?
  13. Are we going Ford fair this year?
  14. There is someone on here which makes these. Can you contact me please Stu?
  15. Bud get one made up bud. Buy a Mk5 bonnet and cut them out. You could so a step by step guide
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