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  1. Why,oh why didn't you save your 99p and stick the Superlaggeras' on Tetley dude? That said,get on with it so you can go play convoy with Supersport Regards Andy
  2. Well Done you Pilgrims for reaching the play-offs. Hope you make it Tomsy. Regards Andy
  3. Glad you are enjoying it Steve Regards Andy
  4. Glad to hear it Steve. Regards Andy
  5. Still gonna be at Ford Fair Tomsy,and still gonna stay a member of Evo. Who knows what comes next mate. Keep on improving that red jewel my friend, Regards Andy
  6. Glad you got back OK Steve. Likewise, nice to see you and Scottybo and yep, will see you both at FF. Enjoy the old girl and we want loads of piccies Regards Andy
  7. She has now gone to her new home Regards Andy. ps still look you guys up at Ford Fair in August.
  8. Go and park it by the gate and they are bound to let you in with it Tomsy. If not,just follow Bongo in. Regards Andy
  9. Gleaming mate.Well done. Regards Andy
  10. Prospective buyer. On hold till end of April. Thanks. Regards Andy
  11. Good on ya bud. Congrats to the both of you. Regards Andy
  12. Well lads the van is up for grabs. As seen in Show Us Your Motor. No MOT. Brought it in Aldershot in 2012,drove it home with a years MOT. Used it daily for two weeks till the tax ran out and it has been in the garage ever since. Run regularly to get it out to do work on it,mods speak for themselves. Simple fact is I aint gonna finish it. Will need welding at the bottom of the front wing where it joins near the front of the sill but I don't know what else. £300 with Silver escort 'christmas tree' alloys £400 with the 17 inch white team dynamics. May break if enough interest but rather sell it whole. Andy on 07804552934 Ipswich Suffolk
  13. Will give it a try when I get a free half hour. Cheers guys. Regards Andy
  14. Yo gang. Drove the van out of the garage yesterday to fit the exhaust trim. Turned it off. Started it again to reverse up my ramps. Turned it off. Started it again to drive it off the ramps. Turned it off.Reversed it into the garage. Turned it off, and took the key out. STILL FECKING RUNNING!!!! Tried it three more times after stalling it. Still ran. Ideas please. I have an idea its the valve on the fuel pump fecking about as I haven't had the van out for a good six months. Regards Andy
  15. Its not so hard mate. All I did was cut about 30cm from the rear wheel,then offer both parts up to the van. Then I braced it by screwing 3 lengths of wood,then fibreglassed over the gap ,and then P38 filler to get the finish required. Its all about patience pal. Then,I fixed it to the top of the door sill,where the fixing holes are, pop rivetted the underside, you can tiger seal the top edge,and a couple of self tappers at both wheelarches.Other members may have done it differently,but you can see my results. As mentioned in the earlier postings,I just filled the jacking points at the front where the covers were missing with a cut down piece of ally pop rivetted and filled. Good luck with it . Gonna have a look to sort out the stopping issue today before going to work this afternoon. Very annoyed as it coincides with the East Anglian derby!!!!!!Feck it. Regards Andy. PS.Photos make things look better than they actually are bud................................................................................................................................................. but I like it
  16. Welcome to Evo frankiemac. Scottybo is right mate,although there is a geezer on ebay selling extended sideskirts ready to fit mk6 vans for £90ish iirc. Good luck with all your plans for the van.What else are you planning for it? Fitted the exhaust twin exit trim today ,then the van wouldn't turn off with the key.I think I am right by saying there is a valve by the fuel pump that can go t*ts up?Hope so or I may just scrap the whole van,flog the wheels etc and buy something else to tinker with. Regards Andy
  17. That looks a cracker Sid. Belting colour too. Enjoy it and make it a 'Sidrick Special' Regards Andy
  18. Cheers Tomsy. Gonna give it my all mate. A change in job,change in mind set, and get that van on the road, FOR A CHANGE Regards Andy
  19. Well ,that's the job sorted out with the merchandising team doing refits at old shops and new premises. Better hourly rate than truck driving to boot!Start 8am Monday. Still ain't done that feckin exhaust though! Regards Andy
  20. Yo Tomsy. Mick and the boys are doing us proud at the moment it has to be said.Long may it continue!! See your boys in green are having a tough time at this point in time.Things will improve mate. Meeting went well,fingers are crossed and I'm pretty confident as I knew all three interviewers . Find out after the 26th of this month. Anyway,gonna cut off the end of the tailpipe and stick the twin exit end on the van tomorrow,weather permitting.! Regards Andy
  21. How's everything Lee? Any movement with the motor? I know family comes first,but have you made any progress? I, for one,can't wait mate. Regards Andy
  22. Why don't you hang on to it and see whether you get renewed passion for it when you see Lee's blue beauty finished.?? That can't be too far off,now its painted and being re assembled. If you do get rid beforehand,imagine how you would feel mate, being close to the same result.? I, too, have thought about keeping the van or getting rid,but the more travelling around I do ,the more I realise there isn't that many of them left on the roads nowadays.If you have somewhere to keep it,hang on a while. Regards Andy
  23. Nice one Tomsy Redeployment when I get back to work. No more LGV Driving. Surprisingly calm about it, considering how much I love my Scania. Sorting my future with a meeting on Friday with a different department. Then cracking on with the van..........................................DEFFO. Regards A smiling Andy
  24. Rather look at a Volvo than read no new posts on this dying site lol.
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