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  1. hey mike sorry for not replying sooner been absolutely hectic my end, been busy with work also looking at buying a new house and also another half pint on the way, i spoke to the guy who has my escort and ask what are his plans with it he did say if i wanted to buy it off him and i was extremely tempted but the reason i got rid of it in the first place was i didn't have the room for it and could spend all my time on it. so i afraid i found my car and have let it go again but perhaps if everything goes well with this house im looking at i would have a nice sized workshop for a future project .
  2. hey mike okay cheers if you can do that it would be brilliant well thats gd news if it aint been scrapped well i hope its gd news
  3. ooo cheers do you reckon there is anyway to find out the current keeper also what does it come up if it has been scrapped
  4. hello i was just wondering if anyone has any experience with finding cars once previously owned. I sold my pride and joy last year as you can tell regretfully because i had to drive a horrible company van and didn't have the space. i spoke to the person i sold it too who told me that he sold it on and hadn't got any contact details for the person who bought it. I have been constantly watching ebay, gumtree and autotrader to no avail if anyone has got any ideas i would really appreciate it registration was H3 MSR
  5. http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/ODk4WDE2MDA=/z/AFQAAOSwa39Uwfs7/$_57.JPGhttp://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/ODk4WDE2MDA=/z/GTMAAOSw2s1Uwfs-/$_57.JPGHello all just thought i would post this on here to see what you guys think i have had to sell as with my job im not able to complete this project http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/ODk4WDE2MDA=/z/GTMAAOSw2s1Uwfs-/$_57.JPG
  6. I thought so shame it was done as there is no rust on it at all was playing with the idea of fitting new front wings as I'm not over keen on the arches
  7. Hey all just wondering what's peoples views on rolled arches or flared on a mk6 escort just bought another radiant red si
  8. I would agree with you but this hasn't got the plate to recover the hole he made. I am wondering how he is going to fix it if that was his idea of neatly cut
  9. Lol excuse my spelling lol I can accept the fact it wouldn't b a mot failure if it wasn't seen but it doesn't change the fact it should b. Also it not a nice job its been cut in a cross shape with the corners bent up. Have spoken to the well spoken salesmen today who has agreed to finish the job like I said I will try and post a before and after pic
  10. Hello fellow escort lovers (almost sounds rude) just been and looked over a car that my brother bought with guidance of dad, a p reg fiesta 1.3 nothing special but on close inspection or better yet as they looked for money under the back seat they noticed the bodge to get the fuel pump out which looks very nasty and half finished, I rung the trade seller back up and said this is abit out of order not to mention pertensionally a mot failure which his response was shut up u pri** I am a mot tester and ur not having ur money back
  11. Just a quick update i didn't get the focus. I went there Sunday and it was sold but hey ho never mind get to keep hold of my money for a bit longer and my escort. Thanks everyone for the advise i will keep looking for the next car that tickles my fancy
  12. Lol mine does that was going to strip the door down.and clean lock and sensor but couldn't Rely b bothered i think my neighbours love it he always puts his thumb up in the morning
  13. Yea i know a fair bit about the bushes on the bmw have done quite a few of them. I wouldn't be to worried about them well if this st is any good and i buy it anyone interested in a limited edition escort si. Its the one with two tone radiant red paint and rust on the boot i think they made a few like this lol
  14. Hmm this sounds like its getting heated lol. Im not to fused on mpg as long as it reasonable my wife owns a gt tdi golf which is the family car (a little bit boring) i just wanted something that was a little bit of fun. I am a mechanic so i have test drove both cars which is y i wanted the bmw in the first place. I will have a look at this focus this Sunday if its still for sale lol i will let you all know how i get on. P.s thanks for the invitation to buy ur 330 but in not sure my wife and insurance company would be happy
  15. wow didnt expect replys to be that quick the bmw's im looking at are the e46 has to be a m sport as i prefer the look but for a decent one they start to get a bit pricey and the focus is £1995 with 70000 on the clock but then again you get what you pay for
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