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  1. Yeah in leven mate. Just up the road from me then
  2. Hi folks. I have a mk6 van with a mk5 rs2000 engine and running gear etc it's from a mk1992 should I have a engine fault light in the dash ? If so where should it be. Many thanks
  3. rs-van

    vss wiring

    Thank you very much. That's just what I was needing thankyou
  4. rs-van

    vss wiring

    That would be much appreciated mate. Or even tell me the what wore god where thanks
  5. rs-van

    vss wiring

    Surely there is someone on here with a mk5 rs2000 ?
  6. You got the rear brake set up with hubs etc
  7. rs-van

    vss wiring

    It's mk5 rs 2000 engine with mtx75 box the sensor is part off the speedo drive
  8. rs-van

    vss wiring

    Yeah but it didn't snap the terminals have pulled out the plastic plug on vss side. And the wires on the engine loom side ain't the same colours mate
  9. rs-van

    vss wiring

    Hi folks need a wee help out , when removing the engine from the rs the plug for vss got caught up and pulled out the 3 wires on the vss side ply can any of you guys tell me which colours go together if any off you rs owners would be kind enough to look on ther plug and compare the 3 wires would be much appreciated
  10. hi sorry for the late reply , I don't have a key for it unfortunately is there any other way off finding out.
  11. would these hubs bolt straight on to the escort van rear axle mate ?
  12. im looking for a mk5 rs2k heated front screen relat that sits beside the battery if any one has one.
  13. have you still got the rear brake set up
  14. Hi folks just a wee question to confirm . I have bought a 1992 escort rs2000 on a j plate will this have pats Im sure it doesn't but thought best to ask you folk on here many thanks .
  15. Hi folks hope yous are all well , I have a mk6 escort van which I want to fit the mk5 rs2k front apart from the obvious lights bonnet and bumper and grill what else need transferred over ie wings and front panel , any help be much appreciated
  16. what you got left mate
  17. perfect mate is car still complete and do you still have it .
  18. hi mate what engines in it
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