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  1. scotty if a pothole causes tyre and/or wheel damage then the local authority is liable and can be made to compensate. i suggest getting a camera out and hunting out your receipts!
  2. anyone have one available? mine was bent and the belt was rubbing against it wearing it away! and making an almost unbelievably frightening noise as if the engine was about to expire...
  3. i've spent another load of money on the van this week. having a replacement window regulator fitted alone was £142, while there i asked for the passengers side foot well leak to be investigated and for the moisture inside the drivers side headlight to be fixed so paid an extra couple of hours labour on top for that. headlight - they couldn't find any fault with it so left the large rear cap off to let air in and out. hmmm, not a great fix i am pretty disappointed with that. i think that a pair of black background angel eyes will arrive shortly. (just as soon as the two weeks wages and materials monies that i am owed is paid to me) so any comments on these would be appreciated: angel eyes on ebay rain water leak - they stripped off the scuttle cover and cleared the drain channels. i'd already reached under and cleared what i could and steve the mechanic said that they really didn't find and clear a great deal more. then they couldn't make it leak despite best efforts with a hose pipe. so again, unresolved. to be fair it only leaks a couple of drops when it absolutely chucks it down but then so did the previous van at the start and that turned into half an inch of water every shower in the end! the central locking man stripped off the door cards and cut my dynamat and couldn't find anything wrong, so sprayed all three locks with carb cleaner and then white grease. when the van came back to me it worked fine for a week then the passengers door stopped locking then they all stopped locking and today the rear doors and drivers door lock but the passengers door doesn't. the central locking man can have one more chance to fix it before he'll be stripping it all off and giving me my money back, not that i've told him the last bit yet.... i've managed to get one of the new alloys etched and have refurbed a fifth star wheel as a spare which was fitted to the front drivers side this morning as the paint man managed to get paint on that one when painting the bonnet, disappointingly, so slow wheel progress right now. seeing as i'm working 6 1/2 and sometimes 7 days a week currently time is my enemy (and money my friend!) hence giving the van over to others for work that i would normally do myself. i've seen this new dynaliner which looks great for lining the rear side and roof panels - any thoughts before i go and spunk another load of wedge on this?
  4. due to problems getting on this site i had to start another thread for the later updates to this, it has the same title! mk 6 van - a short project daz gti - central locking is done as started earlier!!!! a big part of the escort van appeal is its simplicity - there's nothing on it to go wrong. so to introduce electric windows and mirrors negates that. besides, winding a handle and moving a short stick is not hard work - they are within easy reach while i am sat inside!!!!! and just to prove my point the central locking that i have had fitted is sporadic at best and i will be without the van this thursday while it is investigated and fixed. how rubbish is that?
  5. here goes! here it is as it was today: http://portchesterpropertymaintenance.co.uk/images/van/today.jpg here's what's happened: I haggled with the paint man and a deal was struck for the roof and bonnet - but I had to prepare them: http://portchesterpropertymaintenance.co.uk/images/van/prep1.jpg http://portchesterpropertymaintenance.co.uk/images/van/prep2.jpg it was truly amazing just how many stone chips and imperfections are found when going over a seemingly good panel carefully. then the paint man did his thing and a good shine is everywhere: http://portchesterpropertymaintenance.co.uk/images/van/roof.jpg after quite a lot of thought and searching a set of 15" small centre cap rs alloy arrived: http://portchesterpropertymaintenance.co.uk/images/van/rs1.jpg despite being advertised as '2 very good tyres and 2 good tyres' all 4 were scrap. the wheels themselves are all pretty true with only minor curbing and tyre change damage. they looked to have been re-painted pretty badly at some point too. seeing as i am working 7 days a week at present i put them in for blasting: http://portchesterpropertymaintenance.co.uk/images/van/rs2.jpg http://portchesterpropertymaintenance.co.uk/images/van/rs3.jpg while there i put my roof cars in too and asked for them to be powder coated black: http://portchesterpropertymaintenance.co.uk/images/van/bars.jpg i also ordered a set of a4 stainless nuts and bolts for them as the previous ones were badly corroded and took much persuasion to come off. other tasks completed but not pictured are: oil and filter changed exhaust down pipe after manifold changed new disks and pads (as the old ones put out soooo much dust on to my mint wheels!) so that's where it is right now. here's a list of 'issues' that it and i currently have: - central locking doesn't lock the passengers side door - booked in this week for fixing - drivers side window handle doesn't always move the window up or down: worrying this one so i leave the window closed. not ideal! to be looked at with the central locking. any thoughts appreciated. - leaking rain water into foot well on passengers side - only when it rains really hard. do you think removing the trim at the bottom of the screen and clearing all leaves and debris might fix this? - slight clutch judder first thing in the morning. goes away after the first couple of 'pull aways' so not important unless it worsens. - centre bore on wheels larger than the 14s currently fitted - do i need locating spigot rings? next task for me is to etch the wheels and start the filling / sanding / priming process. i'm going for a brighter silver this time. the current 5 wheels will be up for sale - with 5 matching tyres, all perfect condition and at least 6mm tread. offers considered. i also have a set of 5 14" pepperpots, 1 bare and the rest with toyo proxes cf1 tyres fitted, all still legal, all in great condition as you can imagine. offers for these? otherwise they'll be on ebay. bludclot
  6. had problems getting on the site which i couldn't seem to resolve - so have re-registered. this is my van: http://www.escortevolution.co.uk/forums/in...howtopic=150273 and there are some updates to come, so let's hope that this works now!
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