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  1. fit a pedal box in MK6, anybody done the MOD?
  2. How easy is it to fit an ST170 engine into a Escort mk6 1996? Simon.
  3. I looked at the ST170 300mm but I have bought brand new set of R888`s, I think I can get a reconditioned calipers + discs 278mm and pads all in for around £200. Its not as good as 300mm but much better than the 240mm I have, that are not stopping me, keeps boiling the brake fluid. Many thanks Simon.
  4. The brakes I am using on my track Car Escort Si1996 are getting burn out very quick. I want to keep my 15" rims. Can I use Sierra or mondeo discs ? has anyone done a conversion? I think the Sierra discs are 280mm diameter. any ideas would be great. Cheers Simon.
  5. Hi. I have a 1996 Ford Escort Si track day car and I am looking for some advice..Has anyone fitted a close ratio gear box into an 1996 Escort 1.8. Or is there a straight swap from a different ford. Any idea`s? cheers Simon.
  6. I have had the ecu checked over by ford. The engine is a motorsport 130 Bhp and the ecu was fitted in car and running when I bought it, but engine hates my old ecu and runs very lumpy. It look like throttle bodies now as I cant get to run correctly.
  7. I have swapped my 1.8 si engine out for a 1.8 130bhp, and i have the correct ecu for the new engine and it has had the pax code removed(checked at ford) so it doesnt need to have a key matched to the ecu, but it will not run ..lights come on the dash but the engine will not turn over and the i cant here the fuel pump prime. but the engine will run on the old ecu...very lumpy and it doesnt like it very much. Any ideas as its driving me crazy. cheers Simon.
  8. Thanks guys for your help. I will post pics when all fitted and working. cheers
  9. Can i remove the drums and bolt the focus discs and calipers onto the stub axle?
  10. Hi. Please can someone give me a point in the right direction. What do i need to convert my drums to discs on my mk6 escort Si. cheers Simon
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