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  1. Cheers Mex. How does it run in yours? had any issues with it?
  2. has anyone dropped an ST170 into an escort/orion mk5? any build logs knocking around?
  3. VVT -_- also I heard lots of stuff needs to be custom, exhausts and such.
  4. I was also thinking of an ST170 bottom end conversion + 130 head and cams + port + polish + decat + exhaust system. got to get my workshop up though, and my new drive. and i found out today that my rear wheel bearings are almost dead :@ to eBay ^^
  5. Also I noticed that some of the site is still under construction. If you would like a hand at all (free for this website / forum, but please pass my name along ) Give me a message http://www.lawrenceselly.co.uk/
  6. Hey everyone I hope you have all had a great new year, and a good start. I'm going to mooch through the projects section to see how your all getting on. I've sold my Red 1.8i Orion, and bought a new White Ghia Si It's got a lot more problems than the red one, but I will work through them when I can. I've got a big commute to work (Little Hereford to Coventry each day & back) so its hard trying to get a weekend free. http://i.imgur.com/CwFF5oj.jpg http://i.imgur.com/tjAV26Y.jpg Project ideas are welcome So far my plans are. Polybushed all over (bushes need doing so its time) New wishbones Lowered 30mm (I'm wondering how to do this, as its a daily driver so I need it to not be harsh, so no coilovers) Touch-up respray (little chips and orange mould coming through) Need to weld on a new set of Sills as mine have jacking marks and curb dents in them. New tyres (what are your opinions for 185-60/R14 fast road / occasional track use) ? ? ? I also plan to learn to weld so I can put a new set of front wings on. Also if I take a part off (beams, brackets, ect) I will strip, powdercoat, and underseal before putting it back on. Oh! and I bought a polishing wheel going to make everything shiney ^^ Anyway! Is EscortEvo getting a club stand at FF2015? if so, where do I sign up?
  7. I have read this, and as I have the 1.8 fitted already (105ps variant) it could be an easy option. Its just finding one my way (SY8 area) for some reason every other car is a 2.0 mondeo. I'm going to overhaul the engine, strip down, rebuild with fresh shims, plugs, bearings, and tuftriden crank, along with ARP bolts throughout. I want to do it once and do it properly.
  8. Just before my eyes close after trawling through forums and eBay. What other options are there for dropping in engines? Has anyone dropped a jap engine in successfully? There is a few knackered jap cars over at my local scrappy, no idea what engines but if anyone of you know whats been done I will investigate (the scrappy knows nothing about them, hes just got a Mondeo out for me to harvest the engine from and suggested I take a look at them) I feel a bit dirty now I've suggested using a jap engine... *shudder*
  9. Okay, its been a while. Done loads and loads of work and saved up some money ^^ After mulling over the option of dropping the RS2000 engine in or looking at something else. Ive decided to look at something else ^^ The RS2000 is just too heavy, too expensive, and with less tuning parts avaliable not a worthwhile investment for the long term. So instead I've stayed with the Zetec family. And I would like to go with a 2.0 zetec from a mondeo, or if I find one a 2.0 turbo from a Focus RS. So now I need a bit of info off you guys. 1. Has anyone done either of the conversions? pref into a low power escort 1.6 or something? and has pictures? 2. what is needed to swap the 2.0 mondy zetec into my Orion? (I think its just water pump, oil pump, oil dip stick, oil pick up pipe, induction system, 'lectrics) 3. How long is the list of things needed to drop the 2.0 turbo in? (obviously I will get one with all the hoses and whatnot to bodge it in myself) 4. anyone got any opinions? would the RS2k engine be better? I've weighed up that the RS2k's extra 20 horses over the stock 2.0 zetec's 130 does sound better, but with the higher center of gravity and almost double the weight i think it might actually be worse ^^ Also before all this happens I've got an ST170 set of brakes to fit and I'm on the hunt for some coilovers. Got a set of poly bushes coming too and a new set of wishbones and all that polava in the pipeline. Oh and I made a complete hash of the last coat on the bonnet, so I'm taking it down to my local body shop to get re-finished correctly. XD
  10. thats what I just linked in the ebay page ^^ he wants £700 for the air ride system and seriously its just terrible
  11. well pretty much as the title says ^^ I've been quoted £2000 by two companies in Birmingham to do a complete air ride system on my Orion. 4 bags, compressor, controller, and pump, loom and pipes. another £1500 to have it fitted but I'm sure I can do that myself. But the car is barely worth £1000! Is there any way I could do it cheaper? like buying this terrible contraption and harvesting it for parts? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ford-escort-van-air-ride-/171451034433 or building it myself? or retro-fitting some secondhand VW air ride parts (that are cheap all over eBay) do anyone have any experience?
  12. Can you do an all-nighter and get the floodlights out ^^ I can't wait for the next installment!
  13. RS2k bonnet is almost ready 1 more coat of paint and it will be done, just got to buff and wax the crap out of the rest of the car so it all matches up! http://i.imgur.com/pmqsfzE.jpg then i will bring the front bumper in to respray that properly in Dark Grey. Also do escort rear bumpers fit the Orion? or are they longer? if so I will have to hunt down a Ghia bumper.
  14. So here we have a full set of refurbed Pepperpots (powdercoated at Midlands coating in Brum) Wrapped in Dunlop Sports at the front (100 miles since new) Budgets at the back (500 miles since new) http://i.imgur.com/dEUEi4a.jpg http://i.imgur.com/1iLg8VL.jpg http://i.imgur.com/AIVm82W.jpg 165 55 R14 full tread on them, alloys are in good nick too, bit of scuffing on the center bolt holes. I'm really after either some 16" Cosworth style alloys (with some good rubber on them) I do like the escort 5 spokes, but I think the car would also suit Sierra BBS style. OR I WOULD really really like some 15/17 inch RS softlines (7 spoke) but i doubt anyone will have any and they wont wanna swap them for some £200 pepperpots. If you have some other decent alloys that you want rid of or would be interested in swapping give me a PM. I live in the SY8 area for distance checking, and as its a swap situation I can meet halfway if your really far. I would like to sell them but as I have nothing else to put on the car ^^ its a fiddly situation. Nothing too massive, I think 16" is the best size.
  15. I think i'm going to turn down all the offers I have received then and look around for a cheap donor car thats had a rear end smack or rot failure. I've found on on eBay thats £400 and in surry, its and the engine out to be cleaned, so it needs a rebuild. And the whole car is in pieces pretty much. Would make the money back by breaking it.
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