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  1. Well? What can i say? I have not logged into this supposed club site for six months and have missed 5 messages/posts what have you! fcuk me! Be well! And try harder next time! And dont give me that life moves on etc etc,clubs shite and you know it! moving on and so should you lot! Bye bye guys and girls.
  2. Hello mate! I agree with you on the site issues! Simple things like ease of uploading photos,images and video's alike! Seems you have to go through 4 websites just to get a picture uploaded you know!? Plus i reckon the mark 5 6 escort is just not old or desirable enough yet! Maybe another ten years or so,but hey thats just my personal opinion! What do i know huh?
  3. First off! No i did not build it! The selller takes all the credit! 2nd she goes like a barstard!
  4. Dont worry about 60/40 rear seat! You want a lovely rear seat,by a volvo! Rip the seats out and start again buddy!
  5. old school ford is not your car im afraid! Old school i guess is kinda pre 1990 ish nowadays! but yeah if u go to oldskool ford.com anything that isnt rear wheel drive is regarded as shite!
  6. Million miles away! Would be different if i could enter me and my car! If not fcuk it lol! Drive 300+miles to watch a load of annoying people drive like annoying people and im not involved! Sounds like Balls to me! bloody anti curse software
  7. Hey bottom line is,as with any used car,if your gunna by it,then you are the one that takes the risks! So stop moaning and get on with it! If you want a full warranty,by a new car from a ford dealer! ok?
  8. Haha my nephew keeps hi jacking laptop! ive told him to fcuk off and go to bed lol! Peace to all of ya! Little B*stard!
  9. Hmm? Not much worth saying with the blokes premus
  10. Or dont be so silly and remember things! lol! Peace!
  11. Website needs some serious adjustment! Take care all
  12. Put it this way! your cars brain is f**ked! Buy an older car and these problems would not arise! Trust me! Good luck!
  13. Lol i have plenty! Just give me a way to post them on the site and i will upload them all! The only other way is email! Sorry dont do facebook! eek! Nevermind hehe! All peace to Plymouth!! Dale? Who is scooby lol? he stalking me
  14. Lol at road kill See you there m8
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