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  1. The only set I could find was for £45 on Ebay and it looked pretty ropey from the photos. At this stage it might be worth checking out the RSOC. You have to pay to post on the forums, however, I did find out from the site that the Stuart Light is the MK5/6 RS2000 registrar. It seems he is also the chairman of the Exeter & East Devon RSOC. If click on the Local Groups section of the site and click on the marker close to Exeter you should be able to see his phone number and email address.
  2. It's looking a bit sad now.
  3. Mex

    Door Cards

    3 door or 5 door?
  4. Thank for that. The Engine is looking great by the way. I really like the little touches like the anodised bolts for the cam cover.
  5. Sorry to hear about that. There's something I've been wondering about for a while over whether or not a magnetic clutch from a air con pump would line up properly if everything was machined so it could be fitted to the power steering pump. It would be handy to turn it on and off for more precise steering feel and might even save a quid or two on a long journey. Anyway I'd like to ask if you could take a photo showing both pumps from the same angle as this pic? http://i1228.photobucket.com/albums/ee454/Superdream84/escort/9B744171-334D-4F6A-B9DB-FF3729822755_zpsq1ilznew.jpg
  6. Most obvious thing is if the fan is coming on when it should and is the thermostat working properly.
  7. I had a pair of Granada Cosworth calipers on my Mexico but when someone wrote it of I bought a GTI and had the same problem so stuck with the standard brakes until some High Spec kit appeared on Ebay for a decent price. Since you've drilled them out (why I got Cossie items) you kind of stuck without replacing the hub carrier unless there is another solution, different discs or grinding some of the meat off the caliper to clear the ABS ring.
  8. Try Compbrake. http://www.compbrake.com/product/ford-escort-mk56-cosworth-rs-2000-xr3i-fixed-suspension-wishones-direct-replacement-pair/ They also have (much) more expensive versions that are adjustable and have solid bearings. Handy if the car is lowered or he's into trackdays but not so good on the wallet.
  9. There's a little spring loaded pin on the side of the barrel. Push that in and you should be able to withdraw the barrel using the key in position 2 if I recall correctly. I found a photo of the complete assembly so you can see the hole the pin locks into. http://thumbs2.picclick.com/d/l400/pict/122132955057_/Steering-Ignition-Lock-Housing-Keys-Ford.jpg
  10. Mex

    header tank

    I have one here.
  11. What areas of the car can this be used on? Can it be used to protect the chassis and painted areas like in the engine bay?
  12. The click was probably the solenoid on the starter motor. Chances are that the battery didn't have enough charge to turn the engine over. This is what happens when I have a flat battery and nothing to worry about. Sound like you need to remove the engine mount. If you're mate has a car lift you can lower the whole lot onto a pallet and raise the car out of the way so you can move it.
  13. I didn't realise that some of the 1.3 Escorts are injected. Info I found on wiki suggests that the Endura E is an evolution of the HCS with a thicker block and other modifications to reduce NVH. They were used in the KA until 2008 so that might be a good source of a lower mileage engine. If the inlet on a donor engine is different just swap it for the setup you currently have.
  14. A carb fed CVH 1.4 should go straight in but an injected 1.4 will need a bit more from the donor vehicle. Wiring, ECU and fuel tank/pump combo. Diesel is a similar story but you have the option of the 90bhp TDI engine which has a lot more torque, which could be more appealing to anyone looking to tow a trailer behind their mini camper.
  15. I found these rear quarter panels on Ebay. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Escort-RS-Cosworth-Style-New-Pair-Of-High-Rear-Quater-Wings-For-A-Replica-/182238711143?_trksid=p2141725.m3641.l6368 It might be worth contacting companies that sell bumpers, they might still have moulds and be able to make you replica front wings and other parts. X Sport do parts for genuine Cosworth so if the hockey sticks fit the standard car then that's option. Front bumpers and wings for genuine cars fit but the wheel won't look right. People have used custom wishbones to relocate the wheel so it looks right but probably screws up the geometry. Compbrake now do eccentric top mounts for Mk5/6 Escort so it might be worth talking to them to see if they'd offer enough adjustability to correct the geometry in such circumstances. http://www.compbrake.com/product/ford-escort-mk56-adjustable-front-suspension-top-mount-pair-next-generation-2-piece-fully-guaranteed-copy/
  16. If can get some cheap plexiglass you could make your windows for the doors. If you're not bothered about being able to wind them down you could just pop rivet them in and bung out all the gear related to winding them up and down.
  17. There's not so many Escorts about these days and you'll probably find owner/enthusiasts scattered over a number of general car or Ford forums or in Facebook groups.
  18. I came across this 1.8 bottom end that has already been coverted to ZVH spec and has low comp pistons. Says it could do with honing the bores and new piston rings. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-ESCORT-RS-TURBO-1-8-ZVH-COMPLETE-BOTTOM-END-LOW-COMP-PISTONS-BIG-BHP-/262568658799?hash=item3d224fc76f:g:fGYAAOSwU-pXqKlz
  19. Sitech made a guide which covers the basics. http://www.sitechracing.co.uk/services/ford-zvh-build-guide The Focus sump doesn't need changing so ignore anything about that, it's just unnecessary hassle. Sitech, Burton Power and other tuning firms can supply the conversion parts. The ST170 bottom end has forged pistons and sinter forged rods so it's stronger that the standard 2.0 bottom end but the compression ratio will be too high unless you use a decompression plate (might be better avoided) or low comp pistons. I'd be interested in set of ST170 pistons for my N/A Blacktop but I'm dirt poor at the moment.
  20. Welcome.. Not necessarily. I've seen MK3 RS Turbo estate down this way a few time a couple of months ago. http://www.escortevolution.co.uk/forums/topic/149876-turbo-v8-mk2-cortina/ Any Plans for the van?
  21. Mex

    Wanted whale tail

    Fair play you don't hang about. Is the wail tail for styling or high speed stability?
  22. Sounds nice. Glad to hear you got a Fiesta setup, it should be easier hooking up the OFAB management then messing about with Escort MFI setup. and if they added as T3 then it might already be closer to your 200BHP target. I think the turbo CVH should just drop straight in and if any ancillary brackets are different you can just swap them over from the.
  23. Mk6 Fiesta ST is also known as the ST150.
  24. I get by with the standard 240mm brakes on my Escort and its wheezing 1.3 either. I'm sure I'd appreciated bigger brakes if fitted them though.
  25. Welcome to Escort Evolution. Here a video of my Escort for inspiration. It has a 2 Litre Black Top running on a set of 45mm throttle bodies with a full stainless system including the manifold. The only other mod is a Quaife ATB diff which I'd recommend over any other handling mod for the Escort Mk6. It had a blowing gasket when I did the video, hence raspy sound to the engine note. It's since been fixed and a new set of plugs have replaced the originals that were looking pretty battered after 37K of use and abuse. Don't forget to post some photos of the car.
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