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  1. I've just been offered a new 92-96 early type zetec 1.8 engine not been run rusty but new overall serious offers invited thanks early type zetec with intake tube over plugs type location benfleet essex
  2. I did the st170 mondeo brake upgrade combo using the 300 mm st discs but I had to use 16' rims off a mondeo si to suit it that's the biggest and cheapest kit I know of hope this helps Using 205 45 16 tyres on the five spoke mondeo si rims rolling radius nearly the same and handling good too
  3. Have a new valeo one for the mk6 escort
  4. Need minimum 16 inch alloys for the brakes that's what I had on my mk6 makes brakes snug fit http://fordclub.co.uk/topic/8400-how-to-do-front-mk3-mondeost170-disc-upgrade/ This may help you, one tip is take a thread or two off the end of the mondeo bolts as they are too long and will catch disc
  5. Think the gaz ones will be fine as a mate of mine had them fitted to his, also I think the brakes may be able to take the st170 front disc mondeo caliper conversion like a mk6? Will need looking into though hope this helps
  6. Yep car still for sale ppl having major email issues just sorted em had no notifications off site now mail sorted I've loads sorry people
  7. I've a pair of front fogs if required 20 the set? And I've the stainless exhaust all door handles n bumper spats too but fitted to car and car comes with em! 250 the lot? Ps fogs separate lol I've two pairs
  8. Possibly bore wash by running car on "choke" short moves and just ticking over short whiles doesn't help the compression my old gti does it every time I used to fire it up shift it then turn it off to get wife's car off drive then when back to mine in morning it coughed on three ish then fired on four all good
  9. For sale is my beloved trusty old mk6 escort gti it's got 170k on the clock,Piper cross panel filter, front strut brace, lowered 30mm front on apex springs and gas shocks, 300 mm st170 mondeo caliper front upgrade brakes, rear disc brake conversion with fully working abs!!! Heated front screen and usual gti bits half leather etc 16' si mondeo alloys for brake upgrade cat back straight through stainless exhaust £300 ono?? Needs two rear arches and chassis rail repairs and paint in places to make it good again other than that bullet proof reliable has never let me down in over four years of owning it project only shelved due to money constraints and baby on way! Pics to follow http://www.evo-host.co.uk/getimg/31874.jpg full toad cat one alarm fitted no tax or test
  10. Hi I've a pair of hardly used rear apex yellow lowered springs if you want fronts are on car. Left rear standard as it sat better £20 the pair ok?
  11. May possibly be the speed sensor on gear box as it holds the revs up between gear changes or stuck throttle position sensor hope this helps ps unplug the maf and run engine a while it should default to fords own settings and then you should know if it's electrical or mechanical I had an air leak at the back of my inlet manifold down the back hose that connects via block to pcv
  12. Still need code? Message me
  13. http://www.evo-host.co.uk/getimg/31857.jpg Try that link... one kenwood mask found lurking in a dark shed in Essex lol http://www.evo-host.co.uk/getimg/31858.jpg That's serial number more pics if I can get em to work! Must fix pc lol http://www.evo-host.co.uk/getimg/31859.jpgremote if you can see it... http://www.evo-host.co.uk/getimg/31860.jpgactual picture now I've figured out uploader lol Remote is rc700 and it's mini disc! And I've a ten and six disc changer too!
  14. Got gti fog lights if that helps tried email and it rejected?
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