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  1. Hi guys, I'm after a 130 spec ECU with external pats and internal edis. Just about to fit a 1.8 130 in place of my 1.6 zetec in my '94 mk5b, and need a plug and play ECU. There's a few on eBay but I'm not sure which ones are internal edis. I think AQUA may be one and maybe MONK???
  2. Hi there, im after an INTERNAL EDIS EXTERNAL PATS 130 spec ecu, iirc AQUA and CULT are the codes for 2 of them. I'm fitting an 1800 115 spec engine in to my 94 1600 si escort, and have a 105 spec efi inlet etc, but want a bit more poke out of it so need an ECU, 130/2.0 throttle body and MAF also. Cheap as chips please! (Shoe string budget!)
  3. I have an 1800 130 hp engine, it currently has an early 1.6 zetec in it and I'm fitting the 1.8 in it, but the ecu i have is from an early mk6 so has internal pats, mine has external pats, so need to wire the receiver ring direct to the ecu, but can't seem to find a diagram anywhere for a 60 pin ecu with internal pats!
  4. Come on guys somebody must know! Ive tried Haynes manual too but no mention of immobilizer on there diagrams!
  5. Don't suppose anyone would know but is a focus st170 engine block the same as an ordinary 2.0 zetec? And would an 1800 silvertop head bolt on to it? Seen an St block come up cheap!!
  6. Hi, can anyone tell me what the 4 wires from the pats receiver go to on a 60pin eec/IV 'cast' Ecu, it's got internal pats and my car has external pats, so need to wire the receiver direct to the ecu. I checked autodata, and can get the diagram up for my original envy ecu, and it lists the pats module as an 'alarm control unit', but when I go to later models it lists it as an immobilizer control unit, but thanks not the receiver as it has 6 wires not 4!
  7. Right, I have a 1994 mk5b 3dr si, which is a 1.6 zetec, running an 'ENVY' ecu. I bought a 'CAST' ecu off ebay from an early mk6, when I plugged it in it wouldn't run, wouldn't even prime the pump with ignition on. I think it's something to do with pats as I think the mk5b is external pats and mk6 is internal, also I thought my mk5b was external edis, so I bought a 105bhp '2FDC' ecu from an xr3i, fitted that earlier and it primes the pump but will not start. Opened the bonnet and there's no edis module that I can see. Also I have an ecu and key from a 2.0 mondeo, I think the code is 'BASH', I could of swore mk5b's had external edis! So in theory the 'CAST' and 'BASH' ecu's should work if I wore the pats transceiver to the ecu???? Anyone know what pins run the pats transceiver on them ecu's? Sorry for the long post but wanted to give as much info as possible!
  8. The ecu's back on ebay anyway, and I have a 105 bhp one to use for now till I can find a mk5b 130 bhp one!
  9. It's a cast ecu, it came from a 1995 very early mk6, they did do a 130 mk6 but only for the first year, my current ECU for the 1.6 is envy, and not sure about the mondeo one. What you want for yours mate?
  10. I have a mk5b 1.6si, and I'm pretty sure that's external pats, im doing an engine swap to a 1.8 130, and have a 1.8 130 ECU from an early mk6, and a 2.0 mondeo ecu from a 1998 model, both with keys. I also have external edis on mine. Am I right in saying im going to have to rewire the whole system to run either of the later ecu's?
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