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  1. cheers mex i could cut that & get it welded up need somthing to do xmas day lol ,ill do more homework o the matter m/ thanks.
  2. sorry mex its a 98 sreg ,which tank will fit m /,thanks.
  3. Just got a mondeo 2.0 petrol with gen 38k one owner ,lovely condition thinking about putting into my van ? will the tank fit the van .
  4. bet used alot of text books when you went to school ...........scots t w a t. lol
  5. lets handy got exhaust then ,thanks
  6. molly4

    td transplant ?

    Ive got a td lump from a est to fit but ive been told told it wont fit as the intercooler hits the bulkhead ?engine seats forward ??? & most things needs to be longer ie xhaust ,c . cable , fuel pipes manyThanks big man .
  7. Thank you supersport will the est exhaust fit as ive got one ,some say the subframes different on td ,or would na subframe fit many thanks .
  8. easy,go do fooking one t w a t
  9. wots it being a fcuking know nowt T*at, sid idiot if you cant comment with a sensible answer dont fcuk ing bover idiot.such a Fcuking now nowt T*at..scots T*at lol
  10. right phoned mec up hes saying engine gearbox will sit to close to bulkhead intercooler catch bulkhead xhaust wont match up & so on ???????????
  11. it came out off a 98 est & going in a 2000 van
  12. is it poss to fit the tdi lump to m6 van without the intercooler , or aint it much point in doing this any one plz.
  13. TOOK MY MK6 VAN TO A MECHANIC beggining wk to have a td conversion hes now told me he cant get it to fit , i asked him y but he havnt got time to xplain so ive got to pick the van up with no engine in ffs ,any ideas cheers .
  14. molly4

    td into van

    Td with intercooler wont go into van apparently ,mecanics saying it wont fit dont know why? he aint got time to tell me now ive got to pick van up without engine in as hes ripped old one out ffs.any ideas why this is cheers .
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