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  1. Few more pics showing recent additions and changes http://i288.photobucket.com/albums/ll163/Mark_Hatch/DSCF0585_zpsl7owqilt.jpg http://i288.photobucket.com/albums/ll163/Mark_Hatch/DSCF0594_zps3pib7d5d.jpg http://i288.photobucket.com/albums/ll163/Mark_Hatch/DSCF0592_zpscxkod349.jpg http://i288.photobucket.com/albums/ll163/Mark_Hatch/DSCF0582_zpsleurme69.jpg
  2. Seats in the Photos are just Cobra Sidewinders on tailored sub-frames, they adjust/recline/tip forward just like the ford originals, so no MOT issues, rear seats and seatbelts are removed anyways. steel framed with ABS back-shell, on trackdays, I remove the Sidewinders and replace the Driver's seat with a Cobra Imola Pro-Fit Carbon Seat on custom modified Cobra side mounts, Luke Pro 4 Point (75mm/75mm) Saloon Harness Belts.
  3. could also have cut corners on the machining, then the engine might have suffered a mechanical failure during the standing mile runs when I was using lots of nitrous, 2 x 10lb bottles only lasted 90 secs, enough for 3 each way runs, but instead I have a very reliable tuned engine with excellent longevity (60K+ miles) that is still much quicker than others. Over-engineering is not crime, why do I run fully-spherical bearing suspension? because I like my car to handle in a predictable manner and also because i can.
  4. Nope, busy making parts for focus CC3 and doing chores around the garden for my mother, who has bladder cancer
  5. I generally didn't do 1/4 mile runs( still don't) and she was built to do '2 standing mile passes', thats all. when the nitrous was installed, she was bloody quick, without the gas, she is still quicker than many cars, but speed isn't everything. rather pointless here in the UK if the car doesn't handle well or stop well.
  6. Contrary to you statement, my engine is not choked by a single throttle-body, the engine was built to use a single 55mm dia throttle-body (although I did experiment with a 60mm dia after-market throttle-body but got more consistent flow rates with the 55mm one), a single Nitrous injector, Custom profile cams and as many albeit modified 'standard' components as possible. Both the alloy inlet manifold and the ABS inlet manifolds were Abrasive Flow Machined to increase flow rate (Alloy: +35% flow, ABS: +25% flow) . Originally I had planned to use the ABS type manifold with the Nitrous injection but found the manifolds were cracking due to reduced wall thicknesses and rapid cooling when liquid nitrous was injected (-150C), so I used the earlier style Alloy manifold sourced from a 1.6 Si, when I had the Nitrous system installed. Whilst after-market throttle-body setups like jenveys, do give impressive power increases, they were not part of the design brief nor in budget. If I wanted maximum power out of the engine, and budget had allowed it, then a set of titan roller bodies may have been included, but the build premise was a street car and occasional standing mile/track-day car, the engine is almost 10 years old with no major rebuilds unlike some of my acquaintance's engines, and I understand Tiger sports cars are getting 280bhp out of ST170 engines on Jenveys, but i doubt they have engine longevity in mind.
  7. Still around, mainly on facebook. Fudge is still running strong, she makes an occasional appearance at evening meets around Fenland, we still do trackdays from time to time, but we don't do all-day shows because I am not a people person, I have an abrasive personality and I get bored easily.
  8. got a mk6 driver's door with electric window motor and glass in nouveau red (met) ~ £20 in PE13
  9. jyujinkai

    door loom

    are you still needing these looms?
  10. will take it off one of my low milage *donor* engines ~ £15 + P&P
  11. The timing marks are for setting the relationship between the cam and the crank, i use a dial gauge down the spark plug hole on no.1 to find tdc, ignoring the marks on the bottom pully completely. the adjustment on the cam pulley/sprocket is for adjusting the cam slightly when timing cam up, again using a dial gauge on the follower, if either valve is slightly compressed. Dont know if this thread on another forum is of any help, its a very long time since I worked on a cross-flow engine (about 20 years at a guess) http://www.locostbuilders.co.uk/viewthread.php?tid=141856
  12. Nice manifold, but does it have a lamda sensor port? , guess you going to decat too.
  13. jyujinkai

    door loom

    2 x MK6 Escort GTI Complete door looms ~ £15 + P&P by Paypal
  14. jyujinkai

    door loom

    i have two complete doors sitting in shed, don't really want to gut them of their looms, but no-one seems to want to buy them, so i will have a look at stripping them for the looms.
  15. jyujinkai

    Recommended games

    Greetings, My current playlist is as follows: Warframe ~ 4800 hours played Defiance ~ 150 hours played The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim ~ 1100 hours played Fallout: New Vegas ~1200 hours played S.T.A.L.K.E.R Trilogy ~ 1500 hours Guess I like FPS games
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