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  1. not sure youll get that much, finesse is pretty standard and even gti's aren't selling for that much lately unless moded, last few ive seen sell were 300 at most
  2. I re sealed my lights by going over the rubber seal bits with black silicone sealant also check for any wear in the boot seal
  3. well ive read up about it and seems that the breather is just for emission purposes, blanking it off just sends the fumes out into the air or mainly to the exhaust instead of burning it up and fouling the engine , seems its better for the car just not so much for the emission test
  4. ok so being one of those annoying pricks that just arrived and fist thing I did was post a thread about idling, I apologise as I didn't read the pinned thread about searching just thought as its a common fault id just post hoping some one would know and tbh since searching not all are exactly the same and theres never a definite answer just lots of it might be this that or 20 other things
  5. did you work it out? as I have similar problems cleanded and sealed a bunch of things but mines cutting out when stoping or slowing down and the revs bounce when stood still and ive got a faint smell of fuel and what looks like a small oil leak somewhere above the gear box, also I swear its a bit more smokey out the back end now
  6. im seriously stuck the car keeps cutting out when im taking it out of gear to stop or slow down, and the revs are bouncing when stood still and tries to die when reversing its getting stupid now, I was told its probably an air leak or one of the sensors, ive cleaned the idle valve the throttle body and efi inlet manifold and re gasketed them ive checked the air pipe and oil breather pipe to the air box ive replaced the rubber pipe on the back of the inlet manifold and now im kinda stuck
  7. car got driven into on new years and smashed my bumper, so need a new one , not fussed what colour as its going black anyway
  8. ive just found out I can take off the oil separator tank bit at the front of the zetec under the exhaust manifold and put a blanking plate over it and it will still run fine which gets rid of the crappy L shaped rubber hoses and the valve but what I don't know is where the other end of the hose goes too, and do I plug the other end or do I need to put a hose on to somewhere else? ive read bits where some people put in a catch tank for any water or oil , some just put a breather cone or just plumb it into the oil breather hose that goes into the air box? whats the best method and also is it worth it? does it make a lot of differene?
  9. Antony Mann


    ok so I have a mk6 escort was a 1.6 but that broke so I replaced it with a 1.8 130 spec cabbie engine , was working fine no issues for ages then one day the starter motor just stopped working, got a new one and to swap it over I removed the alloy efi inlet manifold that is right above the starter motor , any way sorted it and all was fine but it now seems to be idling weird at first it was dropping and cutting out , then it would bounce on 1000 revs and then it would sit just under and be fine but then when I slowed down and changed gears it would go up and stick on 2000 revs until I came to a stop then it would go back down to 1000, I resealed the gasket on the inlet manifold I did the same to the throttle body I cleaned the throttle up and I cleaned the idle valve as it was dirty inside I checked the pipe from the throttle to the air box, not sure what to check next like I said it was fine until I took the inlet off
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