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  1. Hi guys Looking for some advice I sent my escort into Ford 2 weeks ago to have some parts replaced one of them was the timing belt so Ford phoned me up today and said they had fitted all the parts but when testing the car after finishing they noticed there was no pressure in the cooling system or hot air out the vents and said I need to replace the water pump but my cooling system was perfect when it went in is it possible there technician broke it changing the timing belt as I dont understand how the pump could suddenly brake in the garage they also said the change the radiator but I put a brand new one in the car in March so can't be that I'm really confused Thanks Stephen
  2. Hi guys I have just replaced my radiator as old one was leaking refilled system and ran with cap off but when I drove it after I noticed a odd sound which I found was bubbles from the expasion tank overflow pipe so I tried running the engine again with the cap off but when coolant got to temprature it started rising up and out the expanion tank and I have no hot air plus temp gauge staying on blue any ideas what I've done wrong Thanks Stephen
  3. OK cool just didn't want the damage anything
  4. Just been and bought some oil to do an oil change and have been given 0w40 oil but after checking most pages on the internet recommend 5w30 oil so is 0w40 oil ok or not Thanks Stephen
  5. Cool How much would you want for it including postage?
  6. Any ideas where to find replacement gaskets for behind my lights as after looking they are pretty much gone or could I just put silicone behind the light cluster then screw in back in
  7. Hi guys I have a leak in my boot but cant figure out how the water is getting in ive checked the rear wiper seal and its fine but I have noticed a gap in the rubber going around the outside of the rear lights could it be this Thanks Stephen
  8. Hi guys first time ive posted on here hope you can help i'm looking for the following parts for my escort as nobody wants to post to Jersey Drivers side parcel shelf support Front passenger door card Rear bumper Dash Clock Thanks for looking Stephen
  9. Do you have drivers side parcel shelf support and front passenger door card Thanks Stephen
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