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  1. Hi all, Yes the title is right i'm new to Ford all together, never owned one in the 10yrs of driving well not unless you count having one (MK3 Fiesta) on your driving doing nothing for a year then selling it. I Currently drive a Skoda (see photo below), yes that's right a Skoda However it's not bad for a 1.4 with 180bhp (standard) certainly shown some bigger sportier cars a run for their money. However I'll be passing this over to the other half later this year/early next year so I'll be looking at 2 new motors. One will 100% a Land Rover mainly for off-roading [got the knowledsge of all these so its not too much trouble if anything go wrong] so will be loaded up with necessities (lift/snorkel/winch etc.) But my 2nd vehicle will be more of a daily and at the minute I have loads of ideas running around in my head this being: Option 1) Get a nice Tidy Escort RS or XR3(i) and just drive it (seen 2 nice examples so far for sale) Ideally this option Option 2) Get a Mk4 or Mk5 Escort Van then do an Engine Transplant (not sure if it's been done before but i'm guessing it would've by now) with either an ST or RS Engine. So yeah any advice etc, would be appreicated and listened too, even recommendations would be nice, also any photos of any conversions would be a bonus. Photo of my current car: http://i142.photobucket.com/albums/r106/nathy2k6/vRS/672e7e79-6c9b-463e-8805-2ec080ae19c1_zpsyzpkimul.jpg
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