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  1. Turns out cosworth rear spoiler is for a Sierra Not happy anyone want buy it
  2. Mr bazza

    Body kits

    Help please I have a whale tail but never fitted one before how does upper whale tail connect to car
  3. Comments welcome I have been told to use the st170 bottom end with the fiesta rs turbo engine I have to achieve better results in wondering what anyone thinks on this sourcing parts is not a problem just want to no if it is straight forward with any benefits
  4. Mr bazza

    Body kits

    Are there any body kits for the mk6 ? We're to look ????
  5. Thanks I will put pics up soon also found a rs turbo engine box turbo picking up this month and should also be fitted with in a few days of getting it home also got whale tail being painted and fitted at body shop but not sure about what to do with rear lights as want it to look a little like mk5 but I no this is not possible so may smooth out the rear fogs and nomber plate recess to achieve unless anyone has suggestions for me all welcome to comment Ok almost forgot the engine is a sweet very good condition along with box and all wiring from mk3 fiesta rs turbo I have also got a t3 turbo Can anyone advise if the engine mounts will be a problem and is there anything I have forgot my car is mk6 cvh 1.4i
  6. Whale tail sourced and collecting Monday and deliver to body shop for prep paint and fitting got work to do on rear tailgate to get a decent look but will get there
  7. Mr bazza

    Engine wanted

    Engine now sourced along wiith box loom and everything else so that should be in at the end of month depending on some service parts and time as busy
  8. Mr bazza

    Engine wanted

    Got mk6 escort with a 1.4i engine looking for a engine Rs turbo or similar that is ready to go straight in to my car need all parts to do the change cash waiting for right engine
  9. Thanks for reply I may think about the st engine too this 1.4i is to slow ..but at mo I'm doing bits and bobs lol fitting whale tale on mk6 fabricating rear lights may do smooth boot unless there's a change in plans and getting bushes lower arms all sorted as car is a good base need some rear seats to but that's bottom of list but for now I will look in to the st170 see what's involved and what gains can be achieved thankyou
  10. Anyone going ? Is there a club stand if so can I come along this Sunday 14th
  11. Let me no how you get on Simon as I have just got today a mk6 3 door but 1.4i engine . Currently researching what options there are to get over 200 bhp. 250 +. Would be nice but not sure what engine changes there are or affordable builds Good luck
  12. Looking for a whale tail
  13. Hi I'm newbie me and my son have a mk6 3 door collecting tomoz it's my sons car he has a few plans ie some soft lines freshen the look a little ap cool overs already fitted along with power flow exhaust engine only 1.4 so needs to be changed no rush as yet any suggestions on what I can put in to the car would be cool not made mind up yet just feeling about see what's out there
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