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  1. Well guys first off my name is craig and im from the south wales valleys, i last owned a ford in 2009 and it was a black frst, since then i have had many makes and types of cars but one late night i recieved a phone call about a escort.....first thing i thought oh god get the welder out but the story got better as it got told. I landed myself with a 1 owner 45k and full ford service hostory... the owner only got rid as her health got in the way. The only bit of rust is on the passenger rear arch and rear bumper mounting point. Few questions first off do gti side skirts fit and also what size are the door speakers please. How do i post pics from an i phone thanks, best regards Craig
  2. As the title says what size are they please and what have you guys replaced tgem with thanks.
  3. Wow what a build spent the last few nights reading this to find out it has been split, gutted
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