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    That's a lot better than the one I've got, excellent, hopefully it'll go in without to much modification, I'll check my days and get back to you if that's ok, I've got a week of coming up very soon, thank-you for the pics,
  2. Caprimad38


    That would be spot on, cheers
  3. Caprimad38


    Hi all, im after the storage slot that sits under the radio from a 92 Mk5b 18 ghia, thanks,
  4. Caprimad38


    Whatevers better for you, I can easily get a day off if a weekday is better
  5. Caprimad38


    Hi all, just wondering if anyone knows of any seats that fit in my 92 mk5 1.8 ghia, got the blue and purple velvety things, after a full interior, but failing that, any tips on other seats that fit
  6. I'll take it off see what it looks like, cheers, can you buy a service kit? Or the whole linkage?
  7. Hi all, new on here, normally on capri sites, but just been buying a mk5 ghia, lovely clean low mileage car, just a few little jobs to do, one of which is the gear change feels really loose, any way of tightening this up? Any advice would be much appreciated ????
  8. Caprimad38


    Really, that'd be excellent, thanks, where abouts are you? I'm up in Carlisle Sorry I've just noticed your down in Essex, I wouldn't be able to get down until the end of the month if that's ok?
  9. Caprimad38


    Hi everyone, new on here, on with doing up a mk5 1.8 ghia, Just wondered if anyone had any ideas on any seats that would fit in, cheers,
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