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  1. Hi all, new to all this so please be nice right i have a MK6 Escort Encore.... was a Auto now a Manual, all changed over and starts with the key aswell but the issue i have is the fact my car wants to over heat...... i got brand new thermostat, and the 2 sensors that go into the housing are brand new from Fords, so now i can see how hot my car is getting. but the the top sensor (Fan Switch) seems to be working as ive tested it all the a multi-meter but no matter how hot the car gets the fan wont kick in...... UNTIL i take the connector off the sensor wait about 10 seconds and the fan kicks in........ soon as i put the plug back on the sensor the fun cuts out again....... really confused on what to do next...... ive changed the relay aswell and still the same and ive tested them and the relays are working as they should ANY HELP WOULD BE AMAZING!! Thanks!
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