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    escort van mk 5 with tdi 1.8 diesel in

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  1. hi. have put a 1.8 90bhp tdi into my n reg escort van. have changed fuel pump start stop solenoid. engine turns over but no diesel pumping through.its all timed up ok. has anyone got any help with wiring it up? there are 5 wires out the back of the pump but putting lives to these makes no difference in pumping through. any help would be great, im thinking of binning the van soon.
  2. hello. finally getting round to getting my van running as ive got this week off ive put the 90bhp ic tdi 1.8 in my mk5 van after the bigends went in my normal 1.8. ive changed the pump to a different one after i cut into the unions when trying to get to the stop solenoid. Timed up ok, turns over but no fuel to injectors though the leak back from injector 1 seems to be working. i have wired the start stop solenoid and glow plugs up to switches, solenoid is clicking. the cav pump i have had a solenoid on the front of it with 2 wires. does this need a live feed? also there are 5 wires out the back of the pump, do these need wiring up too? any help would be great as ive been faffing around with this for ages with no joy. was contemplating getting a bosch pump and trying that and run it on a bit of veg. thanks. Jonathan.
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