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  1. Kept it, just about finished, how do I upload a few pictures?
  2. Second hand eBay, from a cab. That had a right hand frontal collision, so only left hand available, seller was breaking, good price I'm guessing
  3. Have you got a drivers side runner light and willing to sell me for less than five Ayrton Sienna's? They are getting hard to find, but I got the passenger one for around 30 nicker. These sit next to headlight as on RS2000, Cosworth and XR3 Mk5b models? See my profile pic, look closely, they are missing, not there, nicked or something happened to them before I took delivery.
  4. This is mine, currently being pulled out, just rear, needs a bit of welding and paint after fitting blue boot lid. Original.complete except... Missing front side runner lights and stereo. Has anyone got these items for sale please? Is it rare, and is it worth saving? I think it probably is. Appears identical to a Mk5b XR3i 16v 105ps, seats, dash, wheels, power plant etc.
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