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  1. Has anyone had any experience with this guy/girl ?? they are selling loads of ICE at good prices ?? Is it quality / new stuff ? ta
  2. Wez

    TV Screens ??

    I will be getting one of my mates to do it so he might have a better idea than me, would I need an FM modulater I have heard about on here ?? Ian where are your screens mate, I was thinking of having one in each headrest and one in the front but now am a bit concerned about wires everywhere ?? Any ideas about the screens for sale on ebay, there is one company/user hormygollop, anyone got stuff from him ?? Ta !
  3. It's ok he can pick it up in the van ??
  4. Wez


    Might go away with my mates for a week as my girlfriend is going away with her family to Euro Disney. Don't know if she'll be too happy about me going though, so I might just save some money! Going to Scotland (Paisley) with the football lads the 2nd bank holiday weekend in May definately a weekend!!.
  5. Had some great fun with that in the work !! We loved it.
  6. I never thought I did, but this year the eyes are itchy, and watery !!
  7. I thought 7, never seen the last one though !
  8. Wez

    TV Screens ??

    Thins ?? I get cutting into signal wires, will running it to three screens (If i fund it that is !!) alter the signal strength/quality at all ?? Also sound, does that work on the same principal if I have screens with built in sound, just cut into the Audio wires ??
  9. Wez

    TV Screens ??

    If I wanted to put 3 screens in to run off the 1 DVD player/Xbox, is it possible to have them all showing the same ?? If so how ?? Help !!
  10. anyone know a good site for importing BMW's ?? not for me
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