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  1. looks beaut!! blast from the past logging back into this forum! good times
  2. I'm still kicking about! Browse now and then! Hi to te old Evo chaps!
  3. Cheers chaps! Not a daily driver so will be kept mint, few more pics of interior which is original and in great condition with no rips or tears, and also the engine bay! Currently getting chrome parts for it! Got a chrome inlet manifold to go on and enlarged throttle body so soon will be sorted! Have an airtec intercooler fitted with 2 new fans which sit behind it on the rad, keeps the temps down well as these run well hot! http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v123/simonez/Mobile%20Uploads/20140727_185345.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v123/simonez/Mobile%20Uploads/20140727_185337.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v123/simonez/Mobile%20Uploads/20140727_185302.jpg Going to be taking bumpers and side skirts and spoiler off to see how it is underneath, may have a respray if it requires it! Cheers si Cheers! Had a dumpvalve and odd hoses on it but taken these off! Old age made me hate the noise! But runs so much better without it!
  4. Blast from the past! Back in an escort! All be it an oldskool one! http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v123/simonez/Mobile%20Uploads/20140709_172908.jpg Just like my old one i had years ago! Bit of a project! Needs a little tlc but is a great runner and interior is amazing! Engine is chipped and running a healthy 170bhp More pics as i get them! And when i rebuild it! Cheers
  5. Simonez

    iPhone 4

    Still for sale ? Any pics can pay paypal if looks ok pm me your no' if easier Hi mate, its still here ill pm you Cheers
  6. Simonez

    iPhone 4

    Hi guys Have for sale my old iPhone 4 16gb version on O2 network Phones in good condition, has the odd scuffs on the screen and back but nothing major, had a screen protector on the phone for most it's life, and an incase slider case Had the phone for about 2 years and served me well, upgraded so don't need this no more After £130 posted via special delivery! Open to offers!
  7. Yr i know have to spend alot to get a decent one! Would spend bout 6k so should get a sound example, not affraid of abit of work though thats what its all about! Cant wait to see it finished!
  8. Love it mate! Looking at getting one of these myself! Just a pain to find a decent one!
  9. Fantastic thread and fantastic read! Pleasure to read through! Great work to !
  10. Simonez

    AMD or intel

    coding and gaming and my AMD FX performs great love the banter between amd and intel boys, LOL both do great things, all down to personal preference
  11. Simonez

    Iphone 3GS

    What that's mean? Lol
  12. Simonez

    Iphone 3GS

    Howdy people! got this phone for sale, due to an upgrade! (Pictures upon Request) Iphone 3GS 16GB White Boxed with no charger In Great Condition for its age, has been factory unlocked by Orange, so not jail broken, Never been attempted to be jail broken either, Rear of the phone is in good condition, some light scratches, but nothing major, there is a small crack just above the Charging port, but this doesnt affect it at all, The front of the phone is in good condition, the screen has always had a screen protector on it, there are a couple of little scuffs on the screen but very very hard to see, the silver edging has some scuffs from the case being put on and off, but again nothing major! Been a Great phone and still works fantastically! Strong signal and 3G with a range of networks, please bare in mind that it is an old phone, and by no means MINT! but better than most out there Located in Leicester, so pick up is avaliable, but price does include Special Delivery! £100
  13. Simonez

    AMD or intel

    Bang for Buck any day for me, instead of the badge
  14. Simonez

    AMD or intel

    AMD FX4100 Quad Core! 3.6ghz Stock Socket AM3 Quad Core Overclocks to 4.2Ghz with a simple change of the multiplyer! and all for £70 odd squid! great bang for your buck! dont get me wrong intel do some great things to
  15. Ive been to both on many occasions, Paris itself is lovely, loads of sight seeing to do, but it well expensive! as for places, you have the main attractions, eiffel tower, The Louvre, Arch de triumph etc, so defo go take a look at them, you can get a tour bus which takes you round the sight seeing places, and you can get on and off as many times as you like, well worth doing this, as driving around is a nightmare! as for Disneyland Paris, its defo worth a visit, its about 35miles away from paris itself, 2 days is what id do there, so you can spend each day in each of the parks, and do some shopping at downtown Disney etc, Still a great visit, ive been to the Florida Disney World on numerous occasions, and that is by far better, but the Paris one is defo worth a visit! Also, i booked a break through www.superbreak.co.uk stayed in a hotel for 2 nights in Paris, just down the road from the Louvre, and was perfect to get about! we used the Paris Metro, which is the same as the subway! they do day trips to Disney Land from Paris center, so be worth a look at that to!
  16. money has ruined football - nice and simple answer! they all play for money and not the club! the diving and drama queens on the pitch wind me up also! Ill stick to the proper sport where it takes more than a touch to put me on the floor! - rugby!
  17. fookin awesome to say the least!! well want another one of these!
  18. Looks good mate! bet it goes well
  19. bought my first house when i was 24 and never looked back since! the fast cars had to stop, but im not complaining now, had my fun and still do
  20. Simonez

    PC Bundle

    Hi guys, surplus to requirements is this little bundle, old spec but will do for web browsing etc. all taken from a working HP machine, Heatsink has been cleaned and reseated with AC5 Bundle consists of: Asus p5s800-vm/s motherboad (socket 775) with I/O shield 256mb pc3200 Ram Intel Celeron D 3.06ghz Processor Nvidia 64mb MX400 AGP Graphics card Require a Harddrive and case with PSu and your sorted! £23 Delivered to your doorstep ** Item located in leicester, pm if require a picture **
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