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  1. Hey guys! Just found this old video back from 2006 and I thought I just had to log back in to Evo and share it Aaaaw my Gti ! Bless it. Those were the days What ever happened to Dave W's car? Kirsty
  2. Cor glad to see some old faces on here. I'm not in Greenwich anymore but not far from there. I'm getting married in June!
  3. Also I see no one has beaten Mike Cs post count! what happened to his escort?
  4. You guys are all old skool! I felt so old when I saw I joined Evo almost 8 years ago! Stoo, you will prob still have an escort when you are an OAP! Can't believe you all still come on here. That's dedication for you! How is everyone? Any major exciting life events? I own a 2002 BMW 318i which I love but is not surprisingly just as unreliable as every other car I touch Haha. I barely see any Escorts round my way, thought they had all gone to scrapyard heaven!
  5. I know. They have blocked it now I think but I need to reset it when I can be arsed! It's ever since ps3 network got hacked. Changed the password 3 times!
  6. Hey everyone. Out of interest how many of the old skool users still own an Escort or even a Ford? Kirsty!
  7. That's because he was Rodney's Dad in the photo where they find out they have different dads. I thought it was quite good? Is it just a one off or a couple of episodes? Also, I remember Del Boy saying in the episode where they pretend Grandad is ill so that they get moved, that the reason why they moved into the tower block in the first place was because Grandad was ill, yet in Rock and Chips, they say it's because they had Rodney? Anyone know?
  8. It's a mojito (not sure how you spell it) it's one of them mint, sugar, alcohol thingys. A couple of mates too me too some posh bar for my birthday to cheer me up as had lost my grandparents at the same time. Would never go there again. Cost a fortune - £15 per cocktail. Fortunately, I didn't pay. Any Fabio Capello was in the same bar lol. He looks like a cabbage patch kid. PMSL. I will NEVER forget that. I still work with Ant and every now and then we have a chat about the Evo days! Yeh I have lost a lot of weight. Miles of the 17 stone I was at 19! Not you as well! Jesus! You alright?
  9. My Megane was fine. Apart from the engine blowing up. But then that's the risk I took buying it from universal salavage with 150k on the clock and no service history. Was 100 times more reliable than all of my escorts and the volvo put together haha! I would only go Renault though. Not any other french crap.
  10. Na just got a life hehe! I am truly shocked to see so many old faces! I don't even LIKE cars anymore. I don't even drive unless I really need too! Something I never thought would happen.
  11. I'm all grown up now ain't I! Just thought I'd pop on and see who is about. Surprisingly quite a lot of the oldies!
  12. Haha still the same old Evo then! Most recent taken last May http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v280/kirsty_escortmexico/n723551527_2605096_4302942.jpg
  13. Kirsty, Do you not love us anymore!! :(
  14. Kirsty


    dont worry, i'm sorted now thanks! Still go back to EVO when I'm fucked... lol
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