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  1. i still have a nosey from time to time but escorts and fords in general are long gone from my ownership. as for facebook.. i have a wife and kids (so clearly have had sex) but i think its great way to keep in contact with my friends and family especially as some of them are abroad and allows them to keep up to date with my kids etc. facebook is what you make it..
  2. great car.. i had one for some time.. only thing its the very common faults of alternator failure and oil diaphragm failure are both very expensive to replace.. and dont do too many standing starts as the clutch just about handles the standard power :o/
  3. you can tell evo's gone down hill.. years ago you would have been ripped apart for that video all that undertaking of other cars and what appears to be speeding in a residential area btw car looks great on those dark wheels and sounds the nuts
  4. re GTI they had killed of the XR brand as it had a very bad name for being broken into very easily.. start of the joyride era. ive had one of all models except mk1.. i loved my mk2s and id love a s1 turbo.. s2 turbo was pants in comparison. mk5 xr/rs were lovely as well but the std models were crap looking never really liked mk5b myself followed by mk4
  5. it did.. and a lovely carbon tip for the cossie lower spoiler
  6. same exact engine as my wifes W reg golf gti...
  7. the days when the evo vs mkvregister was raging.. as lee said pages moved on and on hourly..
  8. their is little to no cleaning needed on modern SLRs, most self clean when you switch them on. you have auto modes etc on slr's and the lower end ones have lots more auto settings than the pro end with helpful tips onscreen. i owned a fuji bridge camera (cant remember the model) a long time ago when they first come out and really it didnt take in terms of quality any better pictures than the snappy canon ixus i had. i borrowed a friends fujifilm s9600 whilst i was at college few years ago before i purchased my slr and my god i could not believe how restrictive it was, i went back to using my point and click in the end as it was just as good. that fuji sensor size is the size of a peanut (the bit that captures the image), even the cheap canon eos 1100d is about 3 times bigger which helps with things like depth of field, better light so you dont need a flash till its much darker etc. bottom left is the fuji one and top right is the canon one http://images.gizmag.com/inline/camera-sensor-size-12.jpg my advice steer clear of bridge they are just a marketing gimmick, with the price of low end slrs so cheap now there is no reason to not buy one.
  9. bridge cameras are a complete and utter waste of money. you will get no better picture or control than you do with a point and click. much better to buy a cheaper end proper slr. you can get a nikon d3100 with a kit lens for around 280quid or a similar spec canon for same money. obviously if you have a bigger budget then go for a higher spec model. choosing the make is always down to personal preference if you need more advice happy to assist
  10. loading times on both consoles should be reduced to nill now they load in the background (supposedly) sony are now charging to play online the same as ms and its more expensive than gold as well.. the 2nd hand market i dont know why people are making such a big thing of it as most of the modern games if you wanted to play online and you didnt buy it new you had to pay for anyway and people like game take the Pee with 2nd hand prices sometimes when the difference between new and preowned is about £2. controllers are a personal choice but ive owned all the previous sony playstations and find the xbox controller much more comfortable to use for long periods. the sony one is just to small imo xbox has forza thats a good enough reason to own a xbox one right there..
  11. learn to use torrents.. mr wongs cinema copies are crap
  12. i paid more than the ouch price for my 55" led tv 2yrs ago..
  13. was in the TOP GEAR worst cars ever made...
  14. no its not.. its a small camera in a big case.. in my experience (of the fiju ones i have owned) they are utter tripe sold to make poor people think they have an slr. nowdays cheap slrs are comparable in price to an expensive bridge.
  15. until you have a proper SLR will you ever realise how disappointing a bridge camera is.. especially in low light..
  16. make sure you save up lots or pennys for when the alternator fails and the oil separator diaphragm goes both are very common faults unfortuantely.. both will cost around £500 to replace by a dealer..
  17. if you got an iphone the app called "live score addicts", its free and you select your teams etc you want to follow and you get live updates on goals and more
  18. tmobile didnt send me a micro sim for my iphone 4. phoned tmobile and told i can goto a store and be charged £10 for one. went to tmobile in lakeside they didnt even have one. went to apple store.. not only did they give me a sim for nothing at all they also transferred my phone number over from standard sim to my microsim as well and didnt charge me for that either. and who else finds that some of their very old ipods battery could be faulty and replace them all with a brand new one FOC!!..
  19. Jesus, sounds like youve given up on life. only just sold for Focus ST, wanted something with better MPG and i love the panoramic roof i now have
  20. not been in an escort for a few years now.. although it was an awesome one.. not even in a ford anymore, gone french.. and gone diesel
  21. wait till your samsung goes wrong... then who you gonna call?? not samsung... youll be back to whoever you bought it from unlike iphone just pop to local apple store for probably the best customer service ive ever seen. who else would replace a very old ipod nano as they have found some issues with them for FREE with a brand new one. tmobile cocked up and didnt send me a micro sim, i went to local tmobile and they wanted to charge me for the sim they should have sent and also didnt have any anyway. went to apple and they sorted me out straight away and with no cost whatsoever, THATS customer service!! that alone keeps me using apple products. the reason why apple operate a strict policy on their products is to make sure they dont crash from crap apps anyone could write and bugger it up.. the same princaple that corporate companys use about their PCs/servers etc... this minimises downtime and people blaming the hardware for failures. as for all the customization people go on about that all day long but really do we care (although my iphone is jailbroken for various reasons) id hate to drop a galaxy as well they are very flimsy (btw my wife had one for a short while so i know what they feel like/operate like).
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