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  • Birthday 05/23/1977

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    State Blue 2 ltr saloon & Radient red Gti 5 door! o and a focus RS, Cossie managed FRST and a Rs1600i van. eat that MoFo

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    Essex / Blackheath

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lennie's Feedback

  1. 1pukkadeal left Negative feedback   

    I was Promised goods were posted over a week ago sent emails and tried ringing no response ,Not pleased and very dissapointed with lennie

    lennie was The Seller

  2. iwantacosworth left Positive feedback   

    Thanks to lennie - really appreciated - good communications,well wrapped and speedy delivery - highly recommended!

    lennie was The Seller

  3. revoltos left Negative feedback   

    Brought from Lennie. Well I sent him 35 quid and no he's not replying to PM's at all. No item. As good as a thief in my eye's

    lennie was The Seller

  4. cjdonny left Negative feedback   

    Bought RS grill and k&n panel filter, RS grill arrived cracked and no sign of panel filter? Sent 2 pm’s no response received half refund, no filter

    lennie was The Seller

  5. 1pukkadeal left Positive feedback   

    Hooked up with lennie last night and picked up my goods in person ,top man lennie came through for me

    lennie was The Seller

  6. 1pukkadeal left Neutral feedback   

    Bought 3 stereos from lennie , was told they were posted royal mail special delivery then out of the blue got paypal refund and no word why either ?

    lennie was The Seller

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