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  1. Blimey. £45 gets me 300miles too. Thats 15p a mile. And yes that is in the ST170. Yeah i have a very heavy right foot! It is crap milage, doesnt need to be deisel though just anything thats great on fuel!!
  2. I understand that but surely it wont go up that much that im spending more than £1k a year more on petrol??!! I Hope not!!
  3. Im looking at selling my corsa for around £3k, looking to get a deisel motor as i do a lot of driving. The corsa i have is only a 1.2 but takes £45 to fill+i only get 300 miles out of the tank, the tax is also £144 a year! My mate has a lupo that is a 1.4 deisel,£35 to fill and gets 340 miles, its only £35 a year to tax aswell. It would save me around £1000 a year if a switched!!! I just dont know what good deisels are out there for around £3k?? Anyone got any ideas? I DONT WANT A LUPO BEFORE YOU SUGGEST IT!! Any advice welcome.
  4. I was hoping for a few quid more maybe? If thats what they go for then fair enough but was thinking for nearer a tenner???
  5. As title says ive had it sitting in my drawer for ages since i sold my escort! Its almost mint condition, never been put into a motor, dunno what i would get for it now but i paid £15. Offers?? Should say OIL CAP!!
  6. ive just got myself a xbox 360 but i need some games and a few controllers and a memory card so if any1 has for sale pm me.
  7. brebs

    IQ Test

    117,GOD DAMN,i thot i was pretty good at that sort of thing!!
  8. brebs

    electric guitar

    as title says,its for a beginner so nothing too expensive,can come with accesories, just let me know what you have.
  9. the merc anyday,such good quality made cars,so smooth and it looks cool
  10. ive got a chrome oil cap,only after £15 delivered.perfect condition.pm me if interested
  11. ive always wondered about that mazdas as ive seen a few and thot they were fiestas!!
  12. am i right in saying that they are putting the car tax up to £210 a year for bigger engines!!fcuk me as though 87.9 for petrol and extortionate rates for insurance isnt enough
  13. here a few pics of my evo spoiler,same colour as yours,had to be modified to hell to fit and was still a little too long but i thot it looked the dogs balls with the kit....
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